David Atkinson on SRM – Skills Development and the Role of Procurement


In this final video on SRM, ex CPO and SRM guru David Atkinson focuses on skills development for SRM, technology as a solution and, most importantly, why CPOs should do all they can to ensure SRM is not seen as a procurement initiative. (Please flick back to previous days' posts to see all five videos!)

Want to be successful in implementing SRM? Then be so good they can’t ignore you!

There’s no doubt there remains a talent shortage in the procurement field. Despite twenty years of Masters level education offered by a variety of business schools (and CIPS for even longer), the demand for procurement skills shows no sign of receding.

This is why Atkinson firmly believes that ‘learning by doing’ is the most pragmatic approach to up-skilling an organisation in its SRM practice, not least because SRM is most definitely a cross-functional endeavour.

He has serious reservations over the notion that SRM technology can become the catalyst for change, and would prefer CPOs to accept their role as one of educator and coach to key stakeholders and their cross-functional SRM teams. Watch the video to understand why.

If you have found this series on SRM illuminating and useful, and would like to discuss any of the items discussed, then please leave your comments here or if you want to discuss these issues further, you can contact him through his website at Four Pillars Consulting.

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