David Atkinson on SRM – The SRM Day-Job

How do you establish a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programme that truly works? In five videos we will be featuring this week, David Atkinson lays out the steps that are absolutely crucial to  SRM success. Atkinson is an ex CPO himself, and one of the most thoughtful writers, advisers and educators in our industry. He's a real expert when it comes to SRM, from a practical and theoretical standpoint, and is always worth listening to.

In this series of SRM videos David Atkinson has talked about SRM’s over-arching purpose; what benefits internal stakeholders can expect from SRM, and how important it is to define value for money for your organisation and move away from simply measuring savings.

In this penultimate video, he covers ‘process’ and why it’s important to know what you need to be good at. To deliver tangible value for money improvements (including cost savings) and to deliver outstanding customer service to internal stakeholders, then the CPO must decide which processes and activities the SRM teams must excel at.

He argues that he’s witnessed too many times in his SRM work with companies a grab bag of seemingly good, but disconnected, ideas, suggesting it’s plainly not good enough. In addition to the heartland procurement processes of category management, negotiation planning, and contract management, there are SRM-specific activities that are close to mandatory. Watch the video to find out more.

In the final video of this short series on SRM tomorrow, on perhaps a slightly controversial note, he suggests that SRM is not a procurement initiative and that stakeholders also need to develop some important skills to effectively manage key relationships on behalf of their organisation. And if you want to discuss these issues further, you can contact him through his website at Four Pillars Consulting.

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