David Atkinson on SRM – Who Benefits?

In the first video of this short series, ex CPO and SRM guru David Atkinson discussed how important it is for CPOs to have a clear over-arching purpose for their Supplier Relationship Management programme – the reason why SRM is important to your organisation.

In the second of five videos he talks about who benefits and why SRM has to positively impact the experience of other people in our organisations.

An Achilles Heel for many procurement organisations is their relationship with other business stakeholders: the struggle to become relevant in a business that sees procurement as merely a service function, and not the strategic contributor many professionals believe it is (or at least can be). For most stakeholders, SRM will be just another Procurement initiative, something that might get in the way of, or slow down, their own day job. So how do CPOs ensure SRM positively supports stakeholders?

CPOs need to answer the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question for every stakeholder constituency in the organisation, because they don’t all want (or would benefit from) the same things from an SRM programme.  The key question will always be to what extent does SRM demonstrably contribute to the success of each group of stakeholders (how can it make their work easier and better), and to the organisation as a whole?

Here is Atkinson discussing SRM’s value proposition for stakeholders.

In the next video tomorrow Atkinson will talk about what we mean by value for money, and if you want to discuss these issues further, you can contact him through his website at Four Pillars Consulting.


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