David Atkinson on SRM – Why Are You Doing It?


In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) as a topical issue and a genuine priority for CPOs. However, despite good intentions, most organisations have implementation issues, with results falling short of expectations.

So how do you establish an SRM programme that truly works? In this first of five videos we will be featuring this week, David Atkinson lays out the steps that are absolutely crucial to any SRM programme. The first question Atkinson asks is: What are you doing it for? He challenges leaders to precisely articulate why their organisation has embarked on implementing SRM.

Atkinson is an ex CPO himself, and one of the most thoughtful writers, advisers and educators in our industry. He's a real expert when it comes to SRM, from a practical and theoretical standpoint, and is always worth listening to.

His recommendation to CPOs is to ensure their SRM programmes have real purpose, one meaningful to senior management, key stakeholders, peer groups, and those practitioners charged with leading the day-to-day effort. A compelling vision and strapline that makes it clear why you’re doing it will come in handy when support wavers and stakeholders complain that progress is not as smooth or as rapid as they expected.

Here he is talking about the ‘why’ of SRM.

In the next video tomorrow Atkinson discusses the issue of ensuring CPOs are clear about who in their organisation will benefit from SRM. Clue: It’s not only Procurement. And if you want to discuss these issues further, you can contact him through his website at Four Pillars Consulting.

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