Delivering Real World Sourcing in Dubai with Tejari and CIPS

So yesterday Guy Allen and I delivered the first Real World Sourcing event outside the UK, at the impressive Al Badia Golf Club in Dubai. You can't help wonder how much it costs to keep the greens and fairways in such immaculate condition, but as the birds (including green parakeets) swoop around the beautiful clubhouse, and a cooling breeze takes the edge off the heat as dusk approaches, one does tend to suspend objective judgement and just go with the flow

golf club

Anyway, the event was organised, hosted and supported by Tejari, the BravoSolution business in the Emirates, and CIPS MENA (Middle East and Africa).  We had around 50 delegates and it seemed to go well,  although clearly I'm biased. There was a mix of ex-pats (Brits, French, etc)  working in and around Dubai, executives from various other parts of the Middle East, and a handful of locals. There is a drive to develop more skills in the local management, rather than being so reliant on foreigners, but there are some interesting dynamics in terms of how young Emiratees can be encouraged to take up serious professions and careers (like procurement) rather than simply taking it easy and enjoying the inherited family and national wealth.

Who could blame them? But that shortage of local talent is giving adventurous procurement folk from many other countries the opportunity to make their mark and use their experience to their own and Dubai's benefit. I could certainly think of worse places to be, as we sat outside at 10pm last night with good food (and drink), and the temperature at a comfortable 25 degrees centigrade...

Anyway, I don't want to fall into the trap of the casual and occasional traveler, who draws huge sweeping conclusions from less than 48 hours in a particular place. But you do get the sense of the world's business centre of gravity shifting east, not just when you see the wealth (despite the 2008 crash), but also in the positive attitude you find here, and the way that increasingly Dubai is looking at India, China, Indonesia, and Australasia as key trading partners rather then old Europe. Some more of my philosophical / economic musings to come here in the next week or so, I fear...

And the partnership between Tejari, previously a local Emirates firm, and BravoSolution, seems to be a very smart move for both parties. Tejari have gained the BravoSolution expertise and solution set, whilst Bravo gain a foothold in this region - not just in the immediate area but as a bridge into the wider middle east, North African and Asian markets. And Tejari have some very impressive people working for them - a smart and relatively young team, which bodes well for them in the future. More on that as well to come.



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