Determining Your Future Tech Strategy – a webinar with Basware and Bergfors

The growing need to ‘go digital’ on all aspects of procurement operations and processes is forcing many firms either to reconsider their procurement technology or to consider increasing it – or maybe even to start adopting it in the first place. Whatever your level of tech adoption, it remains crucial to the selection, adoption and integration exercise that you understand why you are making your digital decision, and which type of solution best fits the answer to that question.

So we have a webinar for you, with P2P experts Basware and our own VP European Research and Lead Analyst in the space, Magnus Bergfors. Next Wednesday on June 10th, Magnus will be talking to Basware about how to select a digital procurement solution. He will discuss how your organisation can best determine the need for procurement technology, how to select the right technology vendor and how to choose between end-to-end and specialist digital procurement solutions.

The subject of specialist versus end-to-end source-to-pay suites is a long-time favourite of Magnus, having spent many years as lead analyst and agenda manager on procurement and strategic sourcing applications for Gartner. If you asked Magnus what he thinks is the best approach, he would tell you:

“An end-to-end source-to-pay suite often seems more appealing than a specialist solution at first glance. And there are advantages to it — there’s no doubting that. The most practical one is from an IT management perspective. Your business will have fewer solutions to deal with and fewer integration points with an end-to-end approach. Second is that you get a similar look and logic across multiple solutions, making it easier to use. The third advantage is in the analytics where you can have data from multiple modules succinctly located in one place.

However, there are many practical issues, too, when looking at end-to-end solutions. One being that your organization sacrifices specific functionalities with a unified suite. When you sacrifice too much, it starts impacting your ability to manage your spend and stay agile in your operations. A lot of the end-to-end suites in the market today aren’t natively developed or integrated and are instead made up of acquisitions, some of which are better integrated than others.”

In this Basware Digital Connect webinar, Magnus aims to explain why modern businesses are turning towards an "ecosystem" approach for S2P solutions, answering questions such as:

  • What are the pros and cons of a suite approach vs an ecosystem approach?
  • Does an ecosystem of solutions improve business agility?
  • What's the best way to decide what approach your organisation needs to thrive in the 2020s?

“The last decade, in the procurement technology space, belonged to the suites,” says Magnus. “Major providers acquired or built their way into source to pay (S2P) suites that supposedly cover the end-to-end sourcing and procurement needs of any buying organisation. But in reality there are very few examples of successfully deployed global implementations of a single S2P suite for an entire organisation. So this presentation will discuss the problems with a suite approach, how to decide what you need, and the need to move to a platform approach that allows for an ecosystem of solutions to improve agility and meet your organisation's requirements in the 2020s.”

This session will be held at 10:00 BST, 11:00 CEST, 12:00 EEST or 19:00 AEST and recordings will be shared with all registrants after the webinar.

To join go to the registration page here.


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