The diary of the Royal Wedding Head of Procurement

So we wrote last night about out emergency interim assignment as Royal Wedding CPO; we'll be keeping you updated here and on Twitter as to the events of the day!

0800 hours OK, so who told Her Majesty gold was trading at $1500 an ounce?  Have been sent to Hatton Garden with bag of old crowns, orbs etc "to trade in and raise a few quid to cover the drinks at the reception".

0830 hours Got £27, 350 for the bling. That should cover Mr Keith Richards' drinks later.  Back to find major panic at hotel.  Anyone know a good hairdresser in the London Victoria area? Available now? Would be helpful if (s)he can do dreadlocks... fast...

0900 hours Bit of a mess-up on the lingerie front. I've been sent out to the Army and Navy Department store to make some emergency purchases.  Stockings or tights though? I'm just not sure which William wears.

0915 hours This is no time for multi-attribute contract optimisation software! Get me lots of flowers, now!

0945 hours Kate has decided on late change re walking down aisle music. Where can I find the extended 12-inch version of Cameo's 'Word Up' ..??

1015 hours Personally I think a red leather mini-skirt looks very nice on a bride...

1030 hours I got a great deal on those mini-buses; reverse auction worked brilliantly. OK, so we forgot to ask whether they'd passed their MOT test.

1040 hours In Abbey now - sitting next to Rolf Harris, Dolly Parton (who appears to be the guest of the Archbishop of Lichfield) and a corgi. Glad I brought my copy of Supply Management to read, getting bored.

1045 hours Harry also got excited about the price of gold and silver; asked me if anyone would notice if he did a quick switch on the ring? Told him to put it back in his pocket and leave it alone!

1145 hours Just getting a bit worried about the catering for later. Not sure weighting 'lowest price' at 80% in the eSourcing process was sensible. Should we have included 'quality' do you think?

1300 hours Phew! Finally back at Palace. Watched a bit of TV. Huw Stephens on the BBC sounds like he's at a State funeral. Anyone told him it's a happy occasion? ITV FAR better.

1330 hours Choosing the wine was fun - Krug 1990, then a Zind Humbrecht '03 Gewurz or  Cloudy Bay Sauvignon to start followed by a 98 Grange or a 1990 Montrose.... yum!

Thanks for following me today if you've got this far! And now - my final task - booking the band for the 'do' tonight. I'm afraid I was leant on - Ellie Goulding it is.

She's very sweet but this is who I wanted - they're Welsh and brilliant live, so I thought that would be appropriate!

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  1. Final Furlong:

    The effect of Royal purchasing power…

  2. Russ Armitage:

    I’m delighted that you as a former president of CIPS got this role. Just one question please, does the new Goverment CPO now report to you or the other way round?
    Must finish, I’m busy applying for the job of sales director at Aston Martin.

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