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This year’s Digital Procurement World takes place later this week. On September 16 and 17, DPW, an innovative event for procurement professionals, startups and tech leaders interested in procurement innovation, will make its second appearance since it was conceived by Matthias Gutzmann last year.

Last year’s debut in Amsterdam was a resounding success according to attendees and participants. Our own Jason Busch, who attended and spoke at the event, said “On just about every count, DPW was a runaway success …  Perhaps most importantly, DPW was the very first procurement event I’ve been to that did a great job of engaging early stage technology companies and connecting them with buyers, consultants and others.” Read his full observations here.

What’s different about DPW is that it brings together a large ensemble of digital procurement leaders in one venue, with representatives from the entire digital procurement ecosystem: genuine start-ups that can get in front of VCs/investors, industry analysts, media and press, and CPOs and procurement practitioners from every sector of the industry.

It was a new experience for many last year as the event was tailored around digital procurement innovation. It organised a hands-on ‘hackathon’ where designers, developers and programmers of yet-to-be-invented procurement technology solutions got to be creative in front of those able to help bring their products to market in an exciting opportunity. It also created interactive learning labs where innovation was on the agenda, and introduced a Start-up Accelerator Programme called RiSE - a showcase-type arena for genuinely young start-ups.

This year looks to contain similar (if not even more inventive) opportunities and boasts “the largest start-up pitch competition in procurement,” which will be live-streamed.

  1. “DEMO VIRTUAL" it explains' "brings together the most disruptive startups that will have the greatest impact and ROI on procurement’s digital transformation. See how the procurement start up ecosystem is responding to COVID-19. Learn about new innovations that are supporting your digital transformation today. Find the technologies to keep you relevant tomorrow.”

The nine entrant start-ups will each have only four minutes to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, of which our own Jason Busch is one, then the showdown’s Grand Finale will broadcast live on 16 September at 5 pm CEST, and will be available for free to all users who register online. You can watch the pitches and cast your vote online.

The two days will feature:

Keynotes - 20-min Ted Talk inspired speeches

Breakouts - 30-min real world case studies

Learning Labs - 90-min hands-on workshops

Ignite Talks - 5 minutes – 20 slides. Short, speedy big ideas speeches

DEMO - Demos of cutting-edge technology startups

Hackathon - 24-hour prototype-based solution finding

Take a look at the full agenda here to discover the breadth and calibre of the presenters who will share their experiences and knowledge of, for example:

Leading and Enabling Digital Procurement Transformation

  • How procurement can impact the business strategy
  • Which leadership style will help you lead digital procurement transformation
  • Dramatic changes and emerging technologies you need to pay attention to

And …

Innovator’s Method Bringing the Lean Start-up into Procurement

  • How established companies and functions can become more agile and innovative
  • How to apply the latest innovation tools, such as lean start up, design thinking, and operating model innovation to create a culture that can more successfully innovate

The event is geared around helping CPOs understand how digitally mature their procurement organisation is, how they compare to others, and what the key steps are to digital maturity. Stay tuned for updates after the event, and don't forget to register here for the virutal demo stream.


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