Direct Procurement Best Practices, New Public Sector Columnist, A Journey to Brazil?

It feels like the whole world is on holiday, doesn't it?? Here's what's happening on Spend Matters from Chicago this week:

Direct Procurement Lessons with Pierre Mitchell:

"If Supply Chain Management is about managing the chain (or “network”) of supply, and if such supplies increasingly outsourced, then it makes sense that someone in the organization takes responsibility for maximizing the performance of such external supply (for more on this topic of “Supply Performance Management,” see here and here). Who should do this? Well, nearly everyone reading this would say that it should be procurement, especially since direct procurement groups tend to report into the supply chain organization (whether centralized or decentralized). But, this is not always the case."

We'll discuss more on 8/28 at this webinar: Lessons from Leaders in Direct Procurement. We'd love for you to join us!

A new public sector (for the US) columnist: Welcome to David C. Wyld!

Today, we're thrilled to announce that David will be working more closely with Spend Matters (and our soon-to-be-launched public sector venture), contributing regular bylines to the site on all issues pertaining to public sector procurement in the US. Perhaps some comparative US/UK pieces are in order, Peter??

For PRO members, we're continuing to forge into the murky depths of the Publicis/Omnicom deal, turning our attention to what procurement people can learn from it. In this post, we're focused on implementation strategy, or how procurement can work with agencies to both size AND seize the price.

Finally, as it's still the beach season (and I've been researching Honeymoon spots nonstop - Salvador, perhaps??) here is a fantastic album ("Gil e Jorge" - Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben) from 1975 that is nearly impossible to find on vinyl but absolutely lovely to listen to:

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