Down the ProcureCon Pub with ProcureCon, Tradeshift, Mr Beaumont and Mr Howard, and Bauer

ProcureCon in Berlin this week - all very civilized as you can see from the picture. Berlin is a great but somewhat contradictory place - I stayed in the Scandic Kurfürstendamm hotel, which was an excellent place, somewhere around Sofitel quality maybe - but only around £45 a night! Yet there are restaurants as expensive as anywhere in London. The airport is very run down in places, and the airport railway station is a disgrace, but there are beautiful shops and a lot of building going on - it's hard to get a feel for the place or assess quite how well the city is doing.


At ProcureCon, I was kindly invited to dinner by one of the solution providers - who might remain nameless for now! The attendees were sent a list before dinner of who was attending - with just job titles and firms, not names. This is how it looked (firms anonymised in case any of the dinner attendees should not have been there!)

ABC Transportation Chief Procurement Officer
XYZ Management Ltd Head of Indirect Spend Category Management
AB Hotels Global Head of Procurement and Supply Chain
PQR Corp Senior Vice President, Procurement
Spend Matters Blogger

Good to know after 30 years in the business, I've reached the dizzy heights of "Blogger"!
Richard beaumontIt was very good to see Richard Beaumont again at ProcureCon. He has left the Co-operative Bank (we wrote about his role there after last year's Berlin event) after a fairly brief spell as CPO, but he achieved a lot, including outsourcing procurement to Proxima. He's got some interesting thoughts for the future, so we may well be featuring him again here before too long.

Tradeshift appeared to be the biggest sponsor at ProcureCon, with the biggest exhibition area. It was interesting to see their area right next to that of SAP / Ariba, which was about a quarter the size! It looked symbolic somehow; the changing of the procurement software guard, perhaps? Tradeshift announced their new "Tradeshift Risk" product this week and we will be featuring some comments on that soon as well.


You may remember our interview with Paul Howard a few months back, who left his career in UK government procurement roles to emigrate to New Zealand. Good news from him - he initially was working for the business department there, but has just been appointed to the role of Director, Commercial Services for the New Zealand Defence Force, with 120 staff working for him. Many congratulations to him on getting what must be pretty much the biggest procurement role in the country!


Paul also has excellent taste in music (i.e. he likes the same sort of stuff as me ...) and this is one of his recommendations - Bauer with the excellent Connected, from their debut album "Sleeping Giant".


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