Down The Procurement Fruit Section with CCS, KFC and Gypsy’s Kiss

I have had a couple of pleasant drinks this week but I have not been very diligent with the pictures, so for a change, here is a picture of an empty shelf – Waitrose in Frimley, featuring a lack of bananas! "We are currently experiencing some issues with our supply of Waitrose bananas ..." Indeed! What is the world coming to, we want to know? First Kentucky Fried Chicken, now Waitrose bananas.


Talking of KFC, we talked to someone, who heard from someone, who has connections with DHL in Rugby, that this is what happened at the beginning of the chicken supply issues. The road closure on the M6 was a genuine problem, as some reports claimed, affecting the first night that the lorries left the depot with their cargo of frozen chicken. But having missed their slots (I assume) to make the deliveries, the trucks came back to the depot, but the systems could not cope with the “returns”.  And that failure then threw the whole process into chaos. Sounds feasible …


We hear through the proverbial grapevine that following CO Malcom Harrison announcing he is leaving the UK government’s central procurement arm Crown Commercial Service to become the new CIPS CEO in the summer, another senior executive at CCS is off as well. We won’t name the individual just in case this is nothing more than scurrilous rumour, but do drop us a quiet email if you know more …


There also seem to have been a whole raft of moves in the procurement technology and solutions space in the last few months - perhaps that just reflects the fact that it is a dynamic and pretty successful market sector currently.  We only heard the other week for instance that Nuno Cruz, previously one of the top people at Procurement Leaders, has joined tech and services firm GEP, who have made big waves in the US in recent years; we assume  he will be looking to do the same in Europe. There are others too making interesting moves, so we might have a few articles about those shortly.


Now regular readers and music fans may know that David Smith CB, ex CPO at DWP and CIPS Past President, was many years ago in Gypsy’s Kiss -  one of the forerunner bands whose members eventually became Iron Maiden. So last week there was a charity gig featuring various people with Iron Maiden connections, and David re-formed Gypsy’s Kiss for the evening.  Given the lack of practice time and effort this really isn’t bad at all – David is the guitar hero nearest the camera, if you don’t know him! This is their classic, Heat Crazed Vole - an all-time great song title, without a doubt.

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