Down the Procurement Lift with HCSA, Xchanging, Procurious and Peace

IMAG0337I called the lift to the 18th floor last night to go down to the HCSA dinner and as the door opened I was faced by this terrifying scene - a lift full of past present and future NHS procurement leaders. From Duncan Eaton, still perhaps the most respected procurement leader in the industry, to current CPOs and up and coming youngsters. No comments about Zombies please. So in honour it is "Down the procurement lift" today. And the dinner / awards evening is probably still going on as you read this in some quarters of Manchester!  After my "not really controversial at all" speech on Wednesday we had workshops and more speeches yesterday, including one absolutely stand out, game-changing contribution from a CFO, amazingly. More on that certainly next week. But congratulations to everyone who won last night, and well done to everyone involved in another very worthwhile event.


Procurious has been making waves in the procurement world recently, with their "LinkedIn for the procurement world" social media platform. I had the pleasure the other day of meeting Tania Seary, their founder and CEO, along with Lisa Malone, the European lead for the European business. We'll have more soon, but let's just say they're an impressive duo, and I don't think this is just a whim for Seary who has created a very successful training and consulting business in Australia. I didn't quite get round to asking her why she's decided to live in chilly, damp old England, but we suspect they're going to be an interesting organisation to watch over coming months.


I also popped in this week to the Xchanging "re-launch" where they presented their vision of a procurement services business encompassing outsourcing, software and everything in between -"procurement as a service" for instance. They're also putting a lot of focus and effort into a proposition for managing what they call "tail-end spend" and I think we should just call "tail spend". Anyway, it is the last 20% of spend, the smaller orders, contracts, suppliers that can take a disproportionate amount of time and effort for procurement functions. More on that too to come.


Finally, I was a bit rushed yesterday so my wife Jane chose today's music. Great choice! From the second album by Peace, out in early 2015...




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