Down the Procurement Palace with Coupa, ProcureCon, Failure, and Panic!

Here is a picture from last weeks’ Coupa conference in Paris, to show you a bit of the beautiful Imperial Room at the hotel Westin Vendome. It was built as a hotel in 1878 but the function rooms look and feel more like something out of the Palace of Versailles - amazing. The Ibis Wellingborough it ain't.


Next week we’re off to Berlin for ProcureCon Europe - you still have time to book here. Very much looking forward to catching up with various CPOs of our acquaintance, as well as academics like John Henke and Arjan van Weele, and making some new friends. If you are attending, please do come and say “hi”. I’m the short, middle-aged grey-haired bloke with glasses, furiously writing or typing ... or maybe sampling an odd stein of something beer-like!


Apparently, according to Supply Management, at the recent CIPS Conference, adventurer Monty Halls said that the England Rugby Team will be strengthened by their abject failure at the World Cup. “This England rugby team will walk away considerably stronger. There is no such thing as true failure.”

What a load of absolute nonsense. Quite a few of them will probably never play for England again, a team that has had more money invested in it than any other in the world has failed abysmally, the management has now appointed a group of mates to carry out an independent review (although I have hopes that Ian Watmore, who has always been his own man, may come through here). I’m beginning to hate this whole “you must fail to succeed” thing. I know what is meant, but frankly positioning losing two group matches as hosts of the World Cup as some sort of success is just b****cks. (That’s a rugby term).


Let's have a bit of ROCK, specially for our young relative Sophie, whose musical taste has leapt ahead since we last saw her, from classical violin music to Fallout Boy and Panic! At The Disco.  Here is the latest very entertaining single from Panic, taken from the forthcoming album Death of a Bachelor". Go Sophie!

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