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Imagine, it's Friday lunchtime back in the days when everyone disappeared out of the office at 1pm on that day every week and didn't come back. Yes, boys and girls, that was how British industry worked in the 1970s... So here are the sort of work related things we might have talked about (before we got onto football, music, etc)!


The latest newsletter from Science Warehouse – Leeds based eProcurement (P2P) software firm – is available here. There’s some good reading, and I particularly enjoyed James Hull, Development Manager with the firm, writing about “the rise of mobile procurement”. It’s a very interesting area that we should look at again soon in more depth. As Hull says:

“In order to get more spend under control, the ease of use of the processes and systems through which people do their purchasing is a crucial factor in encouraging compliance. Having procurement systems that can already be accessed on the move by people using smartphones they already use is an inexpensive way of introducing technology and systems to those currently reluctant to comply with procurement's wishes”.


So where’s the Department of Health procurement strategy got to? First it was going to be out in March 2012, but got pulled at the last minute because David Nicholson wanted something bigger and better. So a consultation process was launched, with a strategy promised by the “end of the year” (2012). Then we heard it would be February. Well, I believe it is now March.

So, if you’ve seen this strategy, please call Peter Smith at StrategySpotters on this number – 07717 734601. All calls will be treated as confidential. We appreciate your help.


UL  I attended two very successful events yesterday – the London University Purchasing Consortium’s first members’ conference, held in the amazing if slightly intimidating University of London Senate House. (It was used as a set for the film "Batman Begins" film apparently, where it stood in for the Gotham City State Courts).

Anyway, plenty of challenges in the sector but I thought there was a very positive vibe amongst the 100+ delegates.  More on this next week.  I also spent a couple of hours at the Consultancy Buyers’ Forum session – the impressive factor here being the way that both buy side and sell side are working together to drive improvements that should be genuinely mutually beneficial to consulting firms and their clients. Again, more to come next week.


And finally.... a homeless man spent six weeks living in the library at my old Cambridge college.  “He didn’t change his clothes, fell asleep in the reading room and lived on Sainsbury’s ready meals”, said another student.  Just like most of my friends then...!  He would have been fine in my day, could have stayed for three years and wouldn’t have been spotted (all male college in those days, no point in changing your clothes, no girls around to impress...)


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