Down the Procurement Pub – a Friday Spend Matters Gossip

We're trying a new feature here - a Friday round up of some news, views, opinions that maybe aren't fully formed, don't need a full article to themselves  - sound bites of the "have you heard...." sort. You know, the chat you might have down the pub with your colleagues on a Friday lunchtime. Not that anyone goes to the pub on Friday lunchtime these days of course.

Let's give it a try anwyay...


We broke the news last week of the UK government framework for finance, audit and multi-disciplinary consulting services last week, but Cabinet Office has now published the full list of successful suppliers here.  Remember the results of 6 more Lots should be announced in March, including functional specialism such as Procurement and HR.


So no-one has yet got the right answer to my music competition. Thanks for all the guesses though... You now have just 24 hours to guess the album, released this month, that I've fallen in love with and may get my first ever 10/10 review tomorrow. And it is NOT Foals, Frightened Rabbit, Nick Cave, with or without his Bad Seeds, One Direction (!!) Joy Formidable, My Bloody Valentine. So here's a clue. It is this act's seventh studio album - but a bit of a departure for them. If you've had a go already, you're allowed another guess now as well - let's see if we can get a winner of the CD and Peter Cook's excellent book, "The Music of Business".

__________________  reports on the auction of 4G spectrum in the UK.

"Chancellor George Osborne has been left with a £1bn-shaped hole after the much-plugged 4G auction raised just £2.34bn instead of the £3.5bn expected. The winning bidders are Everything Everywhere, Hutchinson 3G UK, Niche Spectrum Ventures (a BT company), Telefonica UK and Vodafone. The aim of 4G is to offer faster mobile broadband speeds, lower prices and better coverage to the growing army of smartphone and tablet users across the UK. However, the auction raised far less than the whopping £22bn gleaned from the 3G auction in 2000".

Have the bidders become better at analyzing bidding strategies I wonder? Or did they just really over-pay at the previous auction? Might a different auction process have brought better results for the taxpayer? Probably an interesting bit of analysis to be done, a decent PhD for someone perhaps?


It's not new news, but I only recently heard that Geraint John, ex Editor of Supply Management magazine, has taken up a new role. He's moved from consulting firm State of Flux, where he was involved in their excellent annual SRM survey,  to become Senior Vice President, Research, of SCM World. Best wishes and good luck to him.

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Voices (3)

  1. The Guitar Man:

    I think it is The Mavericks as I know they are Peter’s guilty pleasure!

  2. Roger Holloway:

    My second guess this one Peter…Tegan and Sara ‘Hearthrob’?

  3. Dan:

    The previous auction for 3G was conducted at the height of the dot com bubble, which partly accounts for the higher prices then.

    Since then, it has become apparent that its companies such as Google and Apple that have profited from 3G, not the mobile companies themselves.

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