Down the Procurement Pub at Henley Regatta, with Tungsten, LUPC and the Young Rascals

Back in the olden days, the three key attributes to be a good cox (stop that sniggering at the back - boats, I mean) were being small, the ability to shout loudly (no clever amplification systems then), and a love of ordering people around. Amazingly, those turned out to be criteria which fitted me pretty well, which was why, even though I had never been in a boat before I went to university, I ended up coxing some very good oarsmen during my college days. That took me to Henley regatta, where at that time they were desperate for new members of the Stewards' Enclosure. Really desperate. So I was persuaded to sign up, which is why I have attended a day or two of pretty much every Henley Royal Regatta since then. And the picture shows Sheena Smith from the Spend Matters US office, a serious oarsperson and rowing coach herself, and my wife, at Henley yesterday. With a Pimms …

A couple of weeks ago we featured the excellent video made by Andy Davies and colleagues at the London Universities Purchasing Consortium, mimicking the famous Bob Dylan video for Subterranean Homesick Blues. Did you know however that the original was filmed in London – on the Savoy Steps, just behind the Savoy Hotel, between the Thames and the Strand? This excellent and obsessively brilliant website explains all. Davies is now rather upset that they didn’t go and re-create it in the correct place. And I could have played the part of poet Alan Ginsberg ( the guy in the background in Dylan’s film)!

According to Supply Management, Staffordshire County Council’s head of procurement Ian Simpson has been suspended. But the council said the move has nothing to do with past or current procurements or relationships with suppliers. The council’s spokesman told the magazine “This is an internal matter and an investigation is taking place. Suspension is a neutral act that protects the employee and any other parties during this process. The investigation we have commenced has nothing to do with past or current procurements or any of our procurement relationships with partners and suppliers.” That leaves us wildly speculating of course as to what might be the issue if it isn’t supplier related.

You can now send and receive legal invoices in the United Arab Emirates through the Tungsten network. “Having completed a thorough review of Emirati commercial law, Tungsten Network, the global e-Invoicing network built on OB10, now allows customers to send and receive electronic invoices that qualify as a legal invoice in the UAE. The UAE is one of the Middle East’s largest economies and one of the world’s most important business hubs. It is Tungsten Network’s 46th compliant country”. And Tungsten’s first annual results since the new firm floated and acquired OB10 will be issued next week – more on that soon.

And given the lovely weather at Henley, and the fact that I picked up a five-album single CD compilation by this band for £12 in Fopp the other day (part of the excellent new Original Album Series from Warner Music), here is one of the greatest ever summer songs, Groovin’ by the Young Rascals.

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