Down the Procurement Pub – CIPS Surrey, a Times hagiography , and better UK GDP numbers

Thanks to everyone who came to the YMCA Guildford (all together now, "Y M C A - ay") last night for my presentation to the CIPS Surrey Branch It was a beautiful evening, so I fully expected a dropout rate of around 90% but actually it wasn't a bad turnout, with around 30 people turning up – thanks to all of them.  We discussed deep issues around supplier management and supplier life cycle approaches to procurement, and less deep around horsemeat, green potatoes and dodgy management consultants!

We'll come back next week to some of the interesting discussion about the role firms should be expected to play in managing CSR type issues though their supply chain. For instance, how many tiers down the chain should you be expected to take some interest or even responsibility?

And a quick plug for the Surrey branch's next event - Paula Gildert, CIPS President, will be speaking on Thursday June 6th in Kingston upon Thames, hosted by Surrey County Council at County Hall. Should be good...


We were amused by the Times piece on cost savings (behind the paywall) in government the other day - they obviously took everything Cabinet Office told them at face value, including old price comparison "facts" originally from the Philip Green review. Certainly some of Green’s numbers were long since exploded as myth by PcPRO magazine.  The whole article was basically how brilliant Treasury and Cabinet Office are, compared to the idiot departments.

And whilst we support much of what Cabinet Office is doing (as you can see from our interview this week with Stephen Kelly), wouldn't it be nice if, just for once, Francis Maude said, "you know, maybe some Departments, some of the time,  have good reasons for not using some of our collaborative contracts". Please?


And on a happy note, the UK economy grew last quarter by 0.3%. No triple dip recession, yet, so maybe happier economic times are just around the corner. I reckon it is the tourists in London who are keeping us afloat. Swarming is the word.

Have a good weekend...


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