Down the procurement pub – David Shields, Mars and a job in Papua New Guinea!

So there’s lots to talk about next week – more on the Procurement Leaders Awards and World Congress, and our latest BravoSolution Real World Sourcing briefing, on Supplier Relationship Management. And the gossip (even at the Awards dinner which wasn’t heavily populated by public sector types), included much speculation about the departure of David Shields from the Government Procurement service.  No-one seems to have seen it coming – even a well-connected Whitehall CPO I spoke to had no idea it was on the cards. So we’ll have some further wild speculation about that next week, and thoughts on what it might mean for the government’s procurement programme.


A particular well done for their Procurement Leaders Award to Mars Inc who won the Best Employer. Angus McIntosh who collected the prize was delighted – he felt that it would make a real difference when they are out in the market recruiting procurement staff. As I’ve no doubt mentioned, Mars was my first job after University, and where I first moved into procurement. And yes, they really were a brilliant firm to work for.  “Mutuality of benefits” – a guiding principle for procurement people anywhere...  So our beer display this week is from the Windsor and Eton Brewery (again), owned and run by four guys, three of whom are ex Martians of my generation. Lovely beer, too.


Fed up of life in Frankfurt? Bored with Birmingham? Is Teddington tedious? Or Marseilles mediocre?

Papua New Guinea MapThen what about this opportunity?  Hydroworld website reports that there’s a need for a procurement specialist... in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea utility PNG Power Ltd. seeks applications from consultants to serve as procurement adviser to its Energy Sector Development Project, which includes development of the 80-MW Naoro Brown hydroelectric project.

With World Bank funding, the Department of Petroleum and Energy and PNG are promoting the energy sector project, including Component 1, institutional and policy development for renewable energy and rural electrification, and Component 2, technical assistance to prepare and plan hydropower supply for Port Moresby by developing the Naoro Brown project on the Brown River.

The work is part time over five years, with most of the  effort required in the first two years. Applications close on May 31. It might be worth pointing out that according to a survey of world cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Port Moresby is one of the world's least livable cities (ranked 139 of 140 cities rated, just ahead of Dhaka and just behind Lagos...) Good luck!

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