Down the Procurement Pub Debate with the Crown Marketplace (Maybe Not Dead After All), SAP Ariba, Comensura, Jaggaer in Munich and the Go-Go’s

We wrote here about the Comensura workshop last week looking at how to make contingent labour and other category strategies appropriate to your organisation – with a particular emphasis on getting stakeholders onboard. Here are Jon Milton and Reme Foster of Comensura and Baljit Sidhu from Serco at the Queen’s Arms gastropub in Pimlico after the event – nice place, good vibe, good food too based on our visit.


We announced yesterday that the current tender for the UK government Crown Marketplace had been pulled. However, we hear that significant investment will continue in what we might define as “e-enabling” Crown Commercial Service contracts … but it might look rather different from the previous vision of the Marketplace. More on this on Monday, plus some news on people changes from the organisation too.


We initially gave the wrong link to book for our next Procurement Pub Debate at 5.30pm on July 4th at the Clarence Pub in Whitehall, London. So, if you tried and failed, please do go back and try again via the link given in our article here! Apologies anyway. The motion to be debated is “This House Believes Procurement with Purpose Can Save the World” and it will be an enjoyable and stimulating evening, we’re sure.


Wednesday saw a Raconteur publication titled “Future of Procurement” included as a Times newspaper supplement, published in association with CIPS. You can read a digital copy here. It is of course a money-making venture for the Raconteur business, with lots of sponsored articles and ads (including from Mr David Shields of Bloom, Icertis and others), and it is for CIPS a way of getting procurement in front of senior business people who might not usually consider it, and perhaps is also a route to attract people into the profession. It’s not bad actually, better than I expected, with some good articles we may come back to, as well as some minor mis-fires. And the sources of the data used for the infographic in the middle two pages should have got a clearer credit – I needed a magnifying glass to see their names …


I’m off to Munich Sunday evening for the Jaggaer Rev event on Monday and Tuesday. I’m hoping it will be a good chance to meet the Jaggaer senior team for the first time since their acquisition of BravoSolution. Not much time to enjoy Munich though, I have to rush back for family reasons, but we will be reporting on the sold-out event next week.


Last night was the shortest of the year, and we are in the middle of a very dry and pretty hot spell in southern England, about to get even hotter apparently. So let’s celebrate the season with a great summer song from the wonderful Go-Go’s.

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