Down the Procurement Pub – Ed Cross leaves Xchanging, Roy Ayliffe, BravoSolution, and Louise Golbey

Here is Mr David Smith, CIPS Past President and one of the keynote speakers at this week's BravoConnect 2014 customer event, Louise Golbey, an excellent soul / jazz / blues singer who entertained the delegates with her band after dinner, and me. Please don't ask which one is Louise. BravoSolution put on a very good event, with another highlight being a thought-provoking and moving keynote from Marc Woods, a paralympian Olympian swimmer. Here he is at Sydney in a thrilling finish to the relay. (And more of Louise below).


Big news from the procurement outsourcing world - Ed Cross is leaving Xchanging. He's been leading the global procurement outsourcing business for the last two years, and is a member of their Executive Committee, but he's been at Xchanging for over 11 years.  After that lengthy period of time, he's decided it is time for a change and he leaves at the end of June. We'll have more on this next week, but Cross (as we said here) is notable as one of the few procurement people who has made a successful transition to being a real CEO / MD. I very much enjoyed collaborating with him on the two papers we wrote together last year, and we wish him well in whatever he decides to do next. He is for the meantime a "professional athlete", as he will be training for various iron man events and other such lunacy...

Whilst Xchanging haven't made an official announcement, we understand Chirag Shah, who joined the firm last year when Xchanging acquired MarketMaker4, which he founded, is taking over the procurement business for the moment at least. Good luck to him too.


Roy Ayliffe is procurement supremo at the National Audit Office, and is remembered by many for his time as Director of Research for CIPS a few years back. He's got an article on the Guardian Public Leaders website this week, titled "what makes a great procurement boss"?   Here is his final paragraph just as a taster:

Strong procurement leaders need an unusual mix of skills: they must have technical procurement expertise but they also need to control and support suppliers and staff, as well as having a talent for reputation management and internal relations. It's a tall order but there are many leaders out there who fit the bill.

Glad to see your optimism Roy, interesting to know how many people would share it! Good article anyway and you can read it here. 


Louise Golbey sang covers (superbly) the other evening at the BravoSolution event, but she also writes and performs her own material in a more contemporary pop / dance style. There's some good tracks to choose from on YouTube but I particularly liked this. She's got a genuinely great voice that can handle rock, jazz, soul, dance equally well - good luck to her as she looks to break through in a big way.

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