Down the Procurement Pub – GPS (CCS) vacancies, my rotten phone and Pawws

I hate my phone at times. It has a habit of losing photos I’ve taken, and this week I lost a great picture. I had an enjoyable drink with one of our esteemed sponsors after the eWorld conference, and took a great shot of the table strewn with drinks, and the lower half of 6 or 7 faces (from that firm plus a couple of clients). I was going to publish it as a “guess which vendor this is” quiz!  But my rotten phone has somehow lost it. Oh well, more on eWorld next week ...


The UK Government Procurement Service / Crown Commercial Service are advertising for three high level procurement roles. One is in effect running what was the operational arm of GPS, now the “Crown Commercial Service Commercial Delivery Directorate”. It is an SCS2 grade role, reporting to Bill Crothers, the Government CPO, so we might call it David Shields’ old job but without the “accounting officer” designation Shields held.

Then there are two SCS1 roles as commercial directors for IT and Telecoms respectively. Closing date is October 28th. the details don’t give any hint around salary, even a range, which is a little odd. But the published scales are £82,900 to £162,500 for SCS2 and £58,200 to £117,800 for SCS1.  It’s unusual for people to start anywhere near the top but my guess is you could probably negotiate to £120 - 130K for the senior role and perhaps £90K for the SCS1 jobs.

I was hoping to have a chat with Bill Crothers this week about the recruitment but it hasn’t happened yet – we’ll come back and comment further next week anyway.


There’s been more procurement news than we can keep up with in the last week or two to be honest in terms of solution provider developments  – even if I hadn’t been busy with three conferences (including 2 speeches), running a Real World briefing session, facilitating a workshop, speaking at a dinner and having a day trip to Copenhagen (with my occasional consulting hat on). So apologies if we haven’t always been quite up with the latest exciting news...!

Next week I’m off to Dubai to run another Real World Sourcing session with Tejari (the BravoSolution joint venture in the Emirates). So I’m looking forward to all that time on the plane to catch up with my writing on some of those events, more on recent acquisitions and partnerships, the rural broadband scheme, and a couple of new research papers...


Finally, we should have our monthly music review tomorrow but in the meantime here’s something that is rather Friday-tastic, as we DJs say.  Thanks to the very excellent Alphabet Bands website for putting me onto Pawws..

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