Down the Procurement Pub with SpendLead, Coupa, Wax Digital, Radiohead and Our 50/50

Here is Fabrice Saporito of SpendLead having dinner with me last night at the L'Etoile restaurant on Charlotte Street in London. It was surprisingly quiet for a Thursday - it has been updated recently from its very old-fashioned French brasserie decor, and we thought the food was very good and decent value for London.  But enough of the food - we will have more about SpendLead and an update on the firm’s progress coming shortly.


This week our US colleagues have been in LA no, San Francisco! (Look, all these fancy Californian cites  are same t' me, I'm just a simple northern lad, etc etc). They are there for the Coupa Inspire event, of course, not for the sun, sand and girls / boys (delete as appropriate). With almost 2,000 delegates, it’s now one of the largest procurement software conferences in the industry, and you can read a series of blogs from the event on our Spend Matters US site, starting with a review of the keynote from Rob Bernshteyn, the CEO.  And I remember less than 5 years ago when Coupa recruited their very first employee in Europe, Alex Kleiner ... it really has been a remarkable success story.


And talking of our colleagues, next week we will be publishing the Spend Matters 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch list, which will raise some eyebrows. We provide our input from this side of the Atlantic too, of course. And one interesting point this year is that, as Spend Matters US pointed out, “the vast majority of those who made the Spend Matters 50/50 in 2016 offer some type of procurement technology to customers — even if they configure or provision it rather than develop it internally or sell it directly. This even goes for many of the consultancy and services firms on the list, who are increasingly developing applications, preconfigured apps (both their own and on top of other technologies) and managed services, using technology rather than billable hours as the basis for delivering value in their offerings”. Anyway, look out for our announcement …


A reminder; Wax Digital are hosting a webinar next week (register here) at 3pm on May 18th to discuss the findings of their latest research report - The procurement innovation pathway - which takes a closer look at how innovative procurement really is - as individuals, as a function, within the business and in making technology investments. “Would you consider yourself innovative? Or more of a key collaborator? 80% of research participants want to play a bigger role in business innovation - join the webinar to discover how your priorities, soft skills, technologies and business challenges stack up against the results and reveal where you are on the innovation pathway”.


Radiohead launched their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, last week. On first listen, it is challenging and stimulating whilst not being quite as willfully “difficult” as some of their previous works. And the video here for “Burn the Witch” is so engrossing that you might find yourself not really listening to the music, as Trumpton meets an iconic British horror film …

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