Down the Procurement Pub with an Announcement, Bloom, Coupa and Sundara Karma

So, a somewhat different Down the Procurement Pub today… with an announcement.

After exactly 8 years of Spend Matters UK/Europe, I’ve decided it is time for a change. So, I’m stepping back from the business at the end of 2018, and leaving it in the capable hands of Jason Busch, our illustrious founder, Nancy Clinton (UK Publishing Director - in the picture with me here) and Jenny Draper (our new UK General Manager, as we featured here) – and of course the whole Spend Matters US team, led by Lisa Reisman.  I’m not “retiring”, but neither am I going to be launching any sort of Spend Matters look-a-like site. The parting is totally amicable, and who knows, I may still pop up on the website or at Spend Matters events at some point in the not-too-distant future.

There are three main reasons for my decision, and I’ll tell you a bit more about them next week. And there will be time for thanks and reminiscences before the end of the year. But in the meantime, do take a look at the list of the events I will be participating in for the rest of this year (see the previous article to this one) if you want to catch me before I “go”. In particular, I’m hoping to see some friends at our “AI and Procurement” breakfast in a couple of weeks’ time.


Bloom Procurement Services, in partnership with Atebion Solutions has won a competition run by the National Procurement Service for Wales (NPS) to provide a new four-year digital and information technology framework. This is a “single supplier framework and is an all-Wales framework for the provision of resources and solutions on a Statement of Works (SoW) basis.”

The Agile Digital and ICT Resource Agreement (ADIRA) has a couple of interesting angles; it uses a catalogue of pre-defined SoW’s (statement of works) to help buyers benefit from best practice in previous procurements. Using this output-based approach, buyers know that resources procured for projects will be time-bound and discreet, simplifying regulatory compliance. And Atebion Solutions is a “multi award-winning local authority trading company wholly owned by Cardiff Council” – Atebion will liaise directly with Welsh public sector buyers to understand their needs and to engage and recruit Welsh small businesses to the supply chain, while Bloom delivers the core service. More here…


I’m away next week, on my “summer holidays”, so missing the Coupa Inspire event in London unfortunately, but Sheena Smith, VP of Client Services from Spend Matters US is over and will be attending with Jenny Draper and Nancy Clinton from the UK team. If you’ve always wanted to meet any of the three, do look them up if you are at the event. Sheena is in London town for most of the week, so if you are not at Inspire, but have always wanted to meet this Chicago-based northern soul fan, rowing coach and all-round legend… drop her an email. She may have time for a coffee or glass of real beer.  ssmith@spend… you know the rest!


Sundara Karma produced our third-favourite album of 2017 with their debut and have now dropped two tracks from their forthcoming follow up, likely to be out in early 2019. This is Illusions, which moves away from the tuneful indie / rock vibe of their debut into somewhat more challenging Bowie territory. We like it.  But the track released this week, “One Last Night on Earth”, is a crazy Mott the Hoople/ Killers /Springsteen / Boomtown Rats epic mash-up which is even better, so it all bodes well for 2019.

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Voices (4)

  1. Jenny Draper:

    Peter, thank you for trusting us with your baton and thank you for your magnificent insights and opinions you’ve shared over the past 8 years. You leave us with great customers and a sterling reputation. I’m excited to carry this wonderful brand forwards.

  2. Donna:

    Best of everything Peter! It’s been fantastic working with you!

  3. Sheena Smith:

    All-round legend?!? You’re too kind! My list of things you’ve taught me and favorite conversations / funny moments is too long for a blog comment. My goodness will you be sorely missed. I expect to still receive music and wine recommendations well into the distant future…

  4. Sarah Clarke:

    All the best Peter, I know you’ll be sorely missed. I’m sure you’re leaving everything in capable hands though by the looks of it!

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