Down the Procurement Pub – with Basware, Coupa, Procurement Leaders and Icona Pop

brewery-toursActually, I spent some of last night down the procurement pub – a pleasant 90 minutes with an old friend and fellow ex CPO who wanted to pick my brains on procurement software in return for 2 pints of the very pleasant Hogsback Brewery T.E.A.  (The brewery, just a few miles down the road from here, is pictured). I could only offer a fraction of what he would have got out of Jason Busch, Pierre Mitchell or Thomas Case from Spend Matters US but maybe I’ll share my very impressionistic and high level view of the “meta trends” in that area here soon.


Talking of software, after we featured Basware’s new analytics product last week here, this week they announced another new module – “Purchase”. It is a very user friendly, well designed product aimed squarely at making procurement easy for order placers and budget holders. Sounds familiar? Well, it is another sign of the effect that Coupa’s  rapid growth has had on the eProcurement market. Usability is THE big thing now , and this looks like a sensible move by Basware to support that trend.

And talking of Coupa, they announced another set of pretty stunning results recently, although their private status means we don’t know whether they’re actually making any money yet, for instance. But when you’re growing at 100% a year then that doesn’t worry anyone too much.


On a lighter note... next week sees the Procurement Leaders World Procurement Congress 2013 in London. There’s nothing like setting your sights high, is there. “World Procurement Congress” – wow, that sounds so impressive. “The Davos of the Procurement World” as we’ve just this minute christened it. An event where sleek, elegant procurement leaders, gurus, power-brokers and visionaries stalk the corridors of  the Hilton Hotel, whilst flocks of minions, journalists, bloggers, groupies and Ferrari salesmen trail in their wake, hoping for just a few seconds of attention from the all-powerful celestial beings...

OK, maybe not quite that. But it looks like a great event, and it is a sign of just how far Procurement Leaders have come in 10 years that they can credibly run such an event. It is a really impressive story and they’ve contributed a lot to the procurement world. Anyway, the event is followed by their Awards dinner, with 800 plus guests – a real competitor to the CIPS SM Awards these days. We’ll be reporting and Tweeting live from the Awards (in our undercover role as deputy bread basket distribution team leader, Area H, £9.50 an hour, no tips, silver service experience essential). Look out for that next Wednesday.


And, whilst we’re all going mad for Get Lucky by Daft Punk  (the most addictive pop song since... er... ever?), I’m hoping Icona Pop’s amazing “I love it” will be a big summer hit here. I first heard it a couple of months back, used very appropriately  on Girls, the US comedy drama that divided the critics but was generally much acclaimed. (My view – really annoying at times but some episodes were as good as any 30 minutes I have ever seen on TV. And Lena Dunham, the show’s writer, star and producer is clearly a genius). Anyway, the song really made me wish I was 21 again, which is a bittersweet feeling but generally good I think. “I crashed your car into the bridge” – what is so great about that lyric? I have no idea. It’s just... I love it.

Have a good weekend.

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  1. Dan:

    wasn’t Get Lucky by Daft Punk?

    1. Peter Smith:

      Daft Punk, Hot Chip, all the same.. you’re quite right, changed the article, thanks! I wrote that last night fairly late whilst listening to Icona Pop at quite high volume, glass of wine in hand.. that’s a hint as to the incredibly professional manner in which Spend Matters gets written ! (Sometimes at least…)

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