Down the Procurement Pub with Basware, HCSA, Herman Fick and The 1975

Sometimes the weeks just whizz by … I played golf for the first time in two years this week and it was predictably awful. It is embarrassing playing your fourth shot on the first hole from within 50 yards of the tee …. But I may save the photo from the bar afterwards for another day, and instead give you Alex Proddow of Basware having a working lunch with me in Balls Brothers in the city. We were talking about various things including …

The drinks / dinner roundtable next Thursday the 14th that Basware are hosting and during which I’m leading a discussion about the future role of the CPO “in a post-digitised world”.  It’s at the Covent Garden Hotel in London, and we still have a few seats available – good food, good company/networking and a good discussion, I’m sure. Take a look here if you are interested.


I’m speaking on June 21st at the Health Care Supplies Association summer conference in Solihull. There’s a lot going in the sector with the new “future operating model” finally kicking in, national contract initiatives and more. And just in time for that event, Virtualstock announced a sponsorship of HCSA which “demonstrates Virtualstock’s continuous commitment to supporting the NHS in reaching its efficiency targets through its online catalogue and procure-to-pay (P2P) solution, The Edge4Health™. By connecting providers and suppliers on an online marketplace, The Edge4Health is currently helping the NHS achieve the £1bn p.a. procurement efficiency savings as identified by Lord Carter, in partnership with NHS Shared Business Services”.


After last week’s Pointless TV show observation – seeing an old (procurement) friend on TV, this week my wife was watching one of those “choosing your wedding dress” programmes that are inexplicably popular (our daughter gets married in a few weeks’ time …)

Suddenly a cry came up from my wife – “Peter! Come here”! Yes, it was another procurement connection, as the daughter of Herman and Nicolette Fick of Intenda, and Nicolette herself, featured on the show! Herman was one of the founders of the (originally South African) firm, which has developed some very smart software in a number of areas including around sourcing. Here is the lovely Herman leading his even lovelier daughter down the aisle - congratulations!


Reuters reports that Britain has officially applied to join the World Trade Organization’s government procurement agreement, a legal step it needs to take to maintain trading relationships after it leaves the European Union on March 29, 2019.  Staying in the WTO is important so that British companies can still bid for government work in the United States, European Union and Japan. Britain is a member of the agreement now only though its EU membership. Oh well, it is good to see something that vaguely suggests someone knows what they’re doing with regard to Brexit…


The 1975 are back with the naggingly insistent, catchy and generally excellent Give Yourself A Try. Matt Healy has grown into being a real rock star, and we’re still boasting about having seem them at the West End Centre Aldershot with around 150 people back in early 2013. The new album in out in October and they will release another next May, they have promised. By then they may just be the biggest rock band in the world.

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