Down the Procurement Pub with BravoSolution, Coupa, John Nash, AnyDataSolutions and Ed Sheeran

Wine selectionRats! My picture from Wednesday's Real World Sourcing session with BravoSolution did not save! Anyway, here is a photo of some nice wine. We used a decent bottle to illustrate a couple of points in the session,  titled “New Approaches to Negotiation," which seemed to go down well with the audience. We’ll have more from the day next week, but thanks to everyone who came and participated in our “psychological experiments”! Most of them worked ... and no procurement practitioners were harmed in this experiment ...


Coupa are holding their big customer event, Inspire, in the US this week, and my colleagues from Spend Matters US have been covering it assiduously. The headline news was the firm raising a further $80 million in funding, valuing the firm at over $1 billion now. That's very impressive, and gives them the cash to keep driving the rapid expansion we've seen in recent years. In discussions with Jason Busch, their CEO reckons they're pretty much at break-even point in operating profitability, and certainly they don't seem to be finding it hard to raise cash. More from us next week on the event.


John Nash was a famous mathematician who laid the foundations of game theory, which has in itself informed thinking about negotiation and indirectly influenced some of the most advanced sourcing software solutions on the market. Nash sadly died last week in a car crash at the age of 86 and Alan Holland, a trained Mathematician and Computer Scientist himself, as well as the founder of sourcing software firm Keelvar, wrote a very interesting article about his legacy from a procurement perspective for our sister site, Spend Matters US, which you can read here.


AnyData Solutions is a relatively young, London base analytics business who are beginning to make real waves in the procurement spend analytics market. Whilst still pretty much a start-up, they have won two very impressive contracts; with McBride, the own-label personal care and toiletries firm and Clifford Chance, top "magic circle" law firm. Both chose the firm after competitive processes for spend analytics solutions. We will have more about the firm to follow, but keep an eye on them. The analytics market is extremely competitive, but they’re worth watching, we believe.


This is funny, cool and actually pretty good music too! Ed Sheeran, who goes up in my estimation month by month, performs heavy metal classics on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


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