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Thanks to everyone who came to our last BravoSolution Real World Sourcing session for 2014 on Wednesday this week and made it a most enjoyable event. Guy Allen and I did a bit of a double act around the “12 Procurement Days of Christmas” theme, and we’ll have more on that next week, as we’ve done a short paper to go with the live performance. We tried to combine some entertainment with some serious procurement messages, which is also the aim of the paper. Here’s a picture of the post-event celebration – tempted to do a “guess the procurement hand” competition! Two legends of the profession...


An announcement this week that two interesting organisations are collaborating on a procurement conference. “Procurement Professionals”, based around the LinkedIn Group that has over quarter of a million members, and Procurious, are teaming up for a major event in Barcelona on the 18th - 19th March 2015. “Procurement Professionals and Procurious – the world's leading online procurement professional networks, have teamed-up to create Future Leaders: a dynamic, future-gazing conference for rising stars to understand how the procurement world is changing”.

We’ll have more on this next week, and we will take a look at how these new / developing organisations might prove to be positive forces in procurement, but could also be disruptive for some current players in the landscape.


Science Warehouse officially launched its annual Procurement Trends Survey 2015 yesterday in association with eWorld Purchasing and Supply. The worldwide survey is in its 4th year and is open to all procurement professionals to take part and “reveal what 2015 may hold”. Well, “predict” rather than “reveal” perhaps. Last year, over 260 organisations from the public and private sectors took part, and you will get a copy of the results of course if you participate. You can take part via this link and one lucky participant will get a new iPad Air.


For our music today, I wasn’t sure whether to go happy or sad. So let’s do both. On the sad side, Ian McLagan died this week. He played keyboards with three great bands, the Small Faces, the Faces and the Rolling Stones. He had a distinctive but fairly understated style – his playing didn’t hit you between the eyes, but listen to the contribution he makes and you can hear how his playing just makes the song better. “The man who made two great bands greater” as the Guardian says in this excellent article. More recently, he played with Billy Bragg and did some solo work. Here is Stay With Me, the Faces classic, with a great keyboard riff after 30 seconds which pulls the whole thing together beautifully. Listen to what McLagan is doing through the song – not technically that complicated but just spot on for the song. RIP and condolences to his family and friends.


But to finish on a happier note, the Killers put out a charity Christmas song every year apparently, and this year they teamed up with US comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The result is brilliant – an excellent tune actually, funny and also strangely moving – I say “strangely” because it is about a lump of coal. Watch this, and don’t jump the first few minutes, before the actual song, because it is very funny.



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