Down the Procurement Pub with BravoSolution, SpendLead, eWorld, Cloudbuy and Dilly Dally

Craig Aleiya Dubai 200Going back to last week, here is the new BravoSolution Marketing Head for Australia, Craig Avery, having dinner with me in Dubai. He’s going to do great things for the firm in Oz, I’m sure, a really impressive guy. The lady (I am carefully avoiding an Alexander Carter-Silk moment here) is Aleiya Lonsdale, who worked for BravoSolution in London but is now carving out her new career in Dubai, and popped in to see some of her old friends - she says "hi" to anyone else who knows her via Spend Matters!


So why a picture from last week, I hear you ask? OK, we have had a major fail this week. We held a launch event for SpendLead, the new platform that links buyers and sellers, headed up by Fabrice Saporito, and we planned to feature a picture from that very enjoyable evening. But I didn’t take any pics because my phone doesn’t operate in low level lighting. Nancy Clinton did take some, but suffered a major Smartphone fail yesterday (we won’t name the culprit firm, Adrian) so we cannot access her pics for now! Next week, I hope.


It is eWorld next week, so a final reminder that it is a chance to hear some interesting presentations and meet a whole range of solution providers from the procurement software, consulting and related markets. and it is free to practitioners of course – even better. Get more details here.


Cloudbuy, the firm that provides spend analytics and marketplace services, has had a torrid time of late in terms of its share price and market sentiment. Last Friday its broker resigned, which means it needs to find a new one or get de-listed from the AIM stock market where its shares are quoted. That is a bit of a technicality, but the results it announced last week showed a bottom-line loss of some £3.2 million for the half-year on turnover of just £887,000. Pretty impressive, losing almost four times your revenue, not a problem for a start up but when you’ve been going for 10 years ... cash is now becoming a key issue for the firm; more to come on this.


Trying to avoid an inappropriate moment, again, but can I just say how much I enjoy seeing and listening to a woman making rock music? There’s nothing inherently masculine about playing guitar or making lots of noise as far as I can see, so the more female – or mixed sex – bands the better. And here’s a new one for me – Dilly Dally from Toronto. Don’t like the name very much, (or the video to be honest) but we do like the grungy, Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins sound. This is the new single and it sounds great.


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