Down the Procurement Pub with BravoSolution, Vortal, Trade Extensions, Webinars, IBM and Bear’s Den

sarah and guyWe held a planning session for the second half of our BravoSolution Real World Sourcing series 2015 this week. It was a very onerous and intensely intellectual afternoon, with some seriously leading-edge thinking going on... as you can see... Don’t forget you can book for the three Autumn sessions here.


IT giant IBM announced their latest quarterly results the other day. As always, they are complex and therefore hard to interpret, but the headlines didn’t look too good. As CNN reported: “Big Blue disappointed Wall Street again on Monday, reporting a 13% drop in sales -- bigger than expected. Shares of IBM fell 6% Tuesday on the news”. The strong dollar is hurting IBM as much of the revenue comes from outside the USA. “IBM had noticeable weakness in the BRIC markets -- Brazil, Russia, India and China”. We’ll have more on some of this week's financial announcements shortly.


The Crown Commercial Service Annual Report came out his week - exciting!  Ignore the bland reporting from certain other procurement websites, there is some astonishing stuff in it and we will report fully next week. Just to whet your appetite, amongst other things, we will be calling for the resignation of one of the Directors ...


Congratulations to Vortal, sponsors of our Public Spend Matters Europe website. The leading international e-sourcing and e-procurement provider was named as Independent Software Vendor partner of the year by Microsoft Portugal . The announcement was made during the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference in Orlando, Florida. "The VORTAL platform, which is built on the foundation of several Microsoft technologies, helps thousands of companies and public bodies all over the world to improve their business efficiency and business performance. The overall value proposition combines Vortal’s eSourcing and eCommerce solutions with Microsoft technologies, delivered over Azure".

This Award recognizes partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions and "honors top partners that are adding business value to customers and companies, by deploying new and innovative solutions that are based on Microsoft technologies".


Our US colleagues are going webinar crazy next week with three, yes, count ‘em, three webinars, all free of charge of course. On Wednesday 29th, 4:00- 4:30pm UK time, we have “Category Lessons: Applying Advanced Sourcing to Raw Materials”. Learn how “complex sourcing” technology from providers such as Trade Extensions can address direct material procurement and bring significant benefits in terms of cost and other factors.

Then the following day, get the latest on the volatile metals markets on Thursday 30th, 4:00 PM - 4:30pm UK time with PREVIEW: MetalMiner™ Price Forecasts for August.

Then also on the 30th, at 6pm UK time, learn about the rapidly growing field of technology to support engagement of skilled contractors; Direct Source and Engage Highly-Skilled Independent Talent with Controlled Cost and Risk.


The cynics might see Bear’s Den as filling a Mumford’s shaped gap in the market now Marcus and co have gone all U2 on us, but that would be unfair – Bear’s Den have been going for a few years, but it looks like their record company is now getting behind the album released late last year, Islands. It’s rather lovely, with strong and emotional songs and a tuneful folk-rock vibe.

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  1. Secret Squirrel:

    “Just to whet your appetite, amongst other things, we will be calling for the resignation of one of the Directors …”

    Whetted. Can you also call from some transparency on their ‘savings’, please.

    1. Dan:

      I know of one framework where they compare the price of the winning tender with the average price of all tenders submitted and the difference is classed as a ‘saving’ (assuming the winning tender is below the average).

      1. bitter and twisted:

        Let me guess…and one or more of the tenderers are ‘stupid’ choices whove submitted uncompetitively high bids….inflating the so-called ‘market average’ further….

        1. Dan:

          I couldn’t possibly comment on that….

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