Down the Procurement Pub with Coupa, IACCM, Selectica, Mr Karpie, and Deerhunter

This week, we come to you from Paris, a strong contender for the “second best city in Europe” title, along with Munich, Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin. Nancy Clinton, our Publishing Director and I were there for the Coupa event which you will hear more about next week. But for now, here is a pic of me. With wine.


The International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) has done some good work with the UK government over the last few years, including development of a online course titled “Contract Management: Build Relationships in Business” . It was developed by IACCM in partnership with the University of Southampton, the UK Cabinet Office and Civil Service Learning, and is now being made available free to all. “Starting on 9th November 2015, the three week course will help you to better understand what is involved in commercial business relationships, and the process of managing contractual agreements. You will learn how a person’s or organization’s objectives – and those of their customers and suppliers – can be achieved in an effective way, without threat or failure”. You can pre-register here.


Selectica has changed its name to Determine . The firm, which acquired source to contract software providers Iasta last year, and then French P2P procurement systems firm b-pack a few months back, has changed its name and appears to be re-launching with a fully integrated source to pay platform. Let's hope it pays off after a period in which the share price has halved as initial optimism about the acquisitions seems to have dimmed somewhat at least amongst investors. We hope to have a more detailed look at the firm and the new product soon as well.


Andrew Karpie is our colleague at Spend Matters US, and a deep expert in the whole field of buying people-related services, and the technology that supports such activities. Here is his latest article looking at the developing world of how the contingent workforce is engaged by hiring organisations. He introduces the new concept of “Joe-as-a-service” (JaaS)to illustrate how the nature of work is changing for both firms and individuals; it’s thought provoking stuff and well worth a read!


Deerhunter are US indie band who have had a strong cult following for some years now. Their new album, Fading Frontier”, released last week, is their most commercial yet, and looks likely to get them a whole bunch of new fans, if the tracks we’ve heard to date are anything to go by. This is “Breaker” and it is rather lovely.

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