Down the Procurement Pub with Coupa, the Sunshine Act, the Budget & Saint Raymond

PIerre pubNot much pub visiting this week actually, most of my time at home, so here is a nice shot of Pierre Mitchell, my Spend Matters US colleague and procurement guru, enjoying a pint when he was over recently for the BravoSolution Connect event.


Talking of esteemed colleagues, my business partner Jason Busch has got round to giving his US readers his arguments from our recent London pub debate (sponsored by Trade Extensions). His side lost the argument (“Procurement is Doomed”) but if you want to read his (to be fair) well reasoned arguments, you can get them here, here and here ...


Coupa announced Monday this week that the firm has acquired an Australian firm with the brilliant name of InvoiceSmash, a vendor that can “extract data and metadata from documents and then present them in an easy-to-leverage format from an accounts payable automation.”

“InvoiceSmash’s cloud-based technology has innovative closed-loop learning capabilities that will extend Coupa’s Invoicing solution by instantly converting emailed invoices from suppliers into the digital format required for the buyer’s accounts payable process”. Interesting as it was only the other day we were talking about Coupa’s desire to make it easy to deal with the “tail” of suppliers. This looks like another step in that process – more next week.


Lord Prior, Minister for Health Efficiency in the UK government, in an exclusive interview with Health Service Journal , confirmed he was considering acting on the suggestion of an English equivalent of the US “Sunshine Act”, made by the review of NHS efficiency by Lord Carter.

The US law was introduced in 2010 and requires all manufacturers of medical devices and supplies to report on financial relationships with physicians and institutions, in order to uncover potential conflicts of interest. Sounds like a pretty good idea to us …


The very clever budget from George Osborne this week was bad news for independent contractors with their own companies; for rich buy to let owners with big mortgages; for prospective students and for the Labour party. It is the first of those special interest groups we’re most interested in here, so next week we will look in detail at what it means for both procurement contractors and for category managers who have contingent labour in their portfolios.


Another artist we’re looking forward to seeing (again) at Reading Festival this year is Saint Raymond. That name conceals a solo singer, Callum Burrows from Nottingham, still only 20, and his new album is out this week. It’s getting good reviews and good sales, and what we’ve heard sounds very entertaining in a not too threatening but interesting enough Bastille / George Ezra/ Mystery Jets indie-pop sort of manner. Another UK artist to hit the global musical big-time? Very possibly.

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