Down the Procurement Pub with CPO Salaries, Indian Defence Procurement and Tove Lo

Football drinks arsenalWe mentioned my trip to see Sunderland save their premiership status last week courtesy of our friends from Trade Extensions. Here is the photo from the hospitality pre match. You might just catch a glimpse of the legendary Dr Michael Lamoureux, procurement guru and a Canadian who had never been to a football match before and could not understand why we chose grass as a surface rather than ice...


It’s ProcureCon Marketing next week – I’ll be at the event at the Russell Hotel, London on Tuesday and Nancy, our Editor, will be there on Thursday. Hope to see some of our readers and friends there. It’s also our Real World Sourcing session with BravoSolution next Wednesday where I’ll be explaining what Nobel Prize winner Dr Daniel Kahneman’s work on behavioural psychology tells us about the best negotiation approaches. And I’ll be showing why we should not trust our own brains too much ...


CAPS, the top US procurement research body, in association with head-hunters Korn Ferry, recently released results for its annual study, based on an executive survey of chief procurement officer compensation levels. Total average compensation was a whopping $464,756, consisting of $287,151 in salary and an average bonus of a nice $180,002.

CPO compensation has been rising at about twice the rate of inflation. The annual growth rate for CPO compensation from 1998-2014 was about 5%. And it is good news for women - while previous research has shown a persistent gap between male and female compensation in procurement generally, there is no such gap at the CPO level. Total compensation for women CPOs was an average $468,500 in 2014, versus $462,720 for men. And whilst only one in five CPOs are female, that is nearly double the level of 2006, CAPS says.


The Economic Times of India reports that the “government will allow defence procurement contracts to go through even if negotiations for offset agreements linked to them are not sealed, in a landmark change in rules aimed at cutting down the time taken in closing purchases”.

The defence ministry has, however, mandated that winners of contracts must seal offset arrangements, under which they are required to set up local manufacturing units or enter into sourcing deals locally, within a year of signing the main deal. Offsets can be very problematical, but that seems like a reasonable compromise to speed up a horribly slow procurement process whilst keeping some of the hoped-for benefits of offsets.


It’s our May album review tomorrow, with a real unexpected treat for you then . But another album we almost reviewed but didn't in the end was Tove Lo with Queen of the Clouds. The Swedish pop/dance songstress is breaking through in the US with Talking Body, and whilst most of her songs are in the dance genre, Over shows she can do more subtle stuff too. It's "only" pop, but very high quality pop.

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