Down the Procurement Pub with Futurologist David Smith, Andrew Smith, Boris Johnson and Embers

The keynote speaker at the BravoSolution customer conference this week was David Smith – which confused me because I didn’t realise the Commercial Director at the DWP and last year’s CIPS President was also a Futurologist, which was how he was billed. Of course, it wasn’t that David Smith. But the futurologist himself was very good, and we’ll have a full report on his session next week. That’s if we haven’t all turned into robots, avatars and the like in the meantime. And we have a new word for you – “Haptic”. That means we’ll apparently be able to touch and feel computer created avatars, for instance. Nice.....


Congratulations to Andrew Smith, who has contributed the occasional guest blog here like this one.  He is currently Head of Procurement - Vehicles, Assets & Logistics, for the Royal Mail, but is about to take up a new post as Procurement Director at Avis Budget Group EMEA.  That looks like a great move for him, and although we haven’t met that often, he’s always struck me as a potential CPO, with that combination of procurement knowledge and intelligence with the right sort of personality to operate at the top level. And he can write...

And while we’re on the topic of moves,  congratulations also to a couple of other senior acquaintances in the profession. There’s glutton for punishment Gerry Walsh, who rather than putting his feet up has taken the role of CPO at infrastructure firm Amey (after his Olympic success of course);  and to Amanda Earnshaw, who leaves J P Morgan to provide great value to the taxpayer  (we hope) as Head of Technology Procurement at RBS!  The very best of luck and success to all three.


We published an excellent review of the UK’s proposed High-Speed rail programme by Stephen  Ashcroft here this week. Now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has also commented in the Daily Telegraph about the likely cost. “This thing isn’t going to cost £42 billion, my friends. The real cost is going to be way north of that (keep going till you reach £70 billion, and then keep going)”.

I’ve been cynical ever since we learnt that the initial business case assumed that no-one did any work on trains, which was such an obviously daft idea that it brought into question the credibility of the entire argument.


I don't know where all these bands come from sometimes.. here's another exciting new British band, Embers. from Manchester.  Combining the massive noise of Muse, the grandeur and epic sweep of Sigur Ros, the passion of the Verve and the indie groove of Doves.. oh,  never mind all that, it's just really, really enjoyable and very promising for a new band who only formed at the end of 2011.  Enjoy...

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First Voice

  1. Phil White:


    Amazing how some friends & procurement colleagues can be ‘rebranded’.

    I have just walked Riley, our dog & opened your email.

    The BBC are always looking for new talent . More importantly you could combine ‘DJ work’ with procurement adviser role. 1 day a week should be enough. James Purnell is looking @ a black hole on a failed IT project which cost us taxpayers £10’s of Millions wasted.

    Best part of your Blog was the Band.

    I will listen / read your show every morning from now on.

    Looking forward to the next sessions of Real World Sourcing Series – sponsored by Bravosolution with your co-newsreader Guy Allen.

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