Down the Procurement Pub with Hubwoo, the NHS, Tesco (again!) and Skinny Lister

pierreSo our picture this week features the Man in the White Jacket, cutting an impressively lively figure on the dance floor the other evening - none other than our colleague from Spend Matters US, Pierre Mitchell. This was at the BravoSolution conference and he was shaking it to the Front Covers, the after dinner entertainment with David Smith (CIPS Past President) on lead vocals. Who knew Pierre was such a mover!


The big solution provider news this week was the acquisition of Hubwoo by Perfect Commerce, a US-based eProcurement firm. Hubwoo, which is quoted on the Paris stock market, has recommended the offer to its shareholders and unless there is a counter-bid, it seems likely to go through. You can get first impressions from our US colleagues here, and we'll have more on this next week.


Lots of commentary about Lord Carter's report on efficiency in the health service, but it is interesting that the report itself has not been issued yet. I wonder why? Whether this is one reason for that or not, we're hearing that the procurement spend analysis has not been as successful as it might have been, with too many comparisons, which on examination proved to be not looking at like for like. That raises some questions about how the analysis was done and why a certain firm was used to do it - not one that is well known as spend analytics experts. More on all this next week!


Other news in the headlines this week saw Tesco admitting it had 'probably' breached the groceries supply code of practice (GSCOP) when dealing with suppliers. Breaches include delays in payments to suppliers and payments for shelf positioning. Following its ts £263m profit overstatement (and higher!) connected with trading practices, the groceries code adjudicator is investigating the extent of these breaches. Tesco says it has resolved the majority of issues raised directly with suppliers (with no further escalation necessary) and pledges it will change the way it works with them in order to rebuild trust. One way will be to change how it gains commercial income from suppliers and agree upfront pricing -- oh well! every little helps!


A good recommendation from Guy Allen - a UK-based folk band called Skinny Lister . This is What Can I Say from their second and recently released album "Down on Deptford Broadway" and it is rather good.

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  1. Sam Unkim:

    That’s the “Interim” – after a year !! ( Probably the point Peter was trying to make )

    1. Bill Atthetill:

      You can pick it up (as I have) from a country on the other side of the world. It was distributed to every corner of the planet. I have read it carefully and it has some sound content. However, it looks rushed and not the same quality of authorship of the usual Central Gov’ white paper/review paper precedents. And rare for a document with sponsorship, but I actually found some errors in it, including a sentence where a word is missing (someone editing it too quickly to meet a deadline?). How they will mandate a single national electronic catalogue (I guess the stated ‘electronic’ just in case someone though it might be sent through the post…like from the retail sector) across a open devolved system of providers. They will need to both primary and secondary legislation…?

      1. Sam.Unkim:

        Given that the vast majority (>90%) of NHS-SupplyChain’s 320,000 contracted catalogue lines have never actually been ordered by anyone – I would guess they are going to start ( the cull) there, to give the illusion of progress

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