Down the Procurement Pub with Jaggaer, the NHS, Deloitte, 4C/Scanmarket and Fickle Friends

My colleague Nancy Clinton and I had a very pleasant lunch yesterday with the Jaggaer team - Richard Hogg, Julian Kulkarni and Joey Lai (who is very new to the firm and pretty new to London – welcome Joey!)

Well, to be precise, Richard, busy man that he is, joined us for coffee only. We were working out our programme of work together for the rest of the year in the Drift Bar in Bishopsgate, London - the bar/restaurant is one of Drake and Morgan’s sites in London which tend to provide good value uncomplicated food (and drink) in rather pleasant, contemporary surroundings; the Anthologist near the Bank of England is probably their best known. I actually went to the opening night party at the Drift Bar some years ago, but that’s a story for another day …


Some depressing / annoying stories this week. The Health Service Journal (HSJ) reported that despite a supposed “crackdown” on high rates for interims in the NHS, the East Sussex Healthcare Trust paid an interim executive £331,00 for six months work – a day rate that looks like around £2,400. I have very conflicting feelings about the NHS – yes, it is brilliant in many ways, much of the time, but anyone who thinks it always uses its £120 Billion a year funding well is deluded. In this case, you just wonder why no-one said “hang on, that’s just too much”. The role of NHSI in this looks very interesting too.


Then to provide further proof that professional services procurement still has its problems, Deloitte revealed its 702 equity partners made an average £832,000 of profits each in the year to May 31, the highest pay-out for nine years. Do we think that is appropriate for all of them – are all 700 worth this sort of salary? They haven’t built a business and they don’t take the risks of an entrepreneur who runs their own firm, and they’re not each running a big corporate business. Or does it reflect an oligopolistic market, unprofessional buying practices, a “conspiracy of the wealthy” amongst top management in big companies and service provider firms, a failure of procurement… ? Discuss.


4C Associates and Scanmarket have announced a partnership to provide customers with “in-depth procurement expertise, alongside cutting edge eSourcing solutions”.  London-headquartered 4C Associates is  a leading European procurement consultancy specialising in cost reduction and transformation, and Scanmarket, based in Denmark, is a provider of eSourcing tools, as regular readers will know.  The partnership means closer working – for example, through 4C Associates helping clients drive savings through use of Scanmarket’s strong e-auction capabilities.


We’ll probably feature some Reading Festival highlights here for the next few weeks, not the huge bands but some you may not know so well, courtesy of the BBC, and today we have Fickle Friends. The Brighton band has toured constantly for some years, steadily moving up the bill with their summery dance pop, and were very good last Friday at Reading. Their debut album was released earlier this year – and no, I wasn’t in the mosh-pit!


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