Down the Procurement Pub with Jason Busch, Trade Extensions, the Licence to Practice and Arcade Fire and ,

Jason Busch, my colleague from Spend Matters US was over in London this week so we were rushing around meeting sponsors, interesting people and friends (and there is an intersection between those three sets, I'm pleased to say...) We learnt a lot about the latest in supply chain finance developments from no less than four different firms, as well as catching up on procurement outsourcing and other issues, so more on that to come shortly. And we had a very interesting vegetarian meal at Vanilla Black - if you want something veggie but a bit different, highly recommended.

And to show how restrained we are, here is our "down the procurement pub" picture of the day - Jason with Garry Mansell, MD of Trade Extensions, another e-Sourcing firm doing very well at the moment, having a very civilised cup of tea at the architecturally and historically fascinating St Pancras Hotel yesterday!


The CIPS idea of a "licence to practice" and our post on it drew as I hoped a whole bunch of interesting comments - more negative than positive about the concept, but some good balanced thoughts there. Read all of them here, and we will of course be returning to this next week.


Next week - exclusive news of a major government outsourcing contract that we've discovered is now running 6 months behind schedule in terms of implementation, raising real questions about its viability...

Read Spend Matters to find out what is REALLY going on!


And here's three new tracks - and a weird video - from the new Arcade Fire double album, out very soon, and destined to be hailed as both genius and madness by the critics, I predict! I love the first track here though, so think I'm in the genius camp.

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