Down the Procurement Pub with LUPC, Impacore, Cakes and San Fermin

I had a catch-up with old friend Andy Davies, Director of the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (see my dreadful picture, he is a much more attractive man this this, honest ...) The minute we sat down, literally the first thing he said was “let’s talk about that Milton Keynes legal challenge and how the judge assessed the tenders!” So there you go – you think I just wander around drinking Dark Star Sunburst (excellent) when actually I’m debating the finer points of EU legal issues ...


Martin durrI also met Martin Dürr of Impacore this week for ... an orange juice! Well, it was only 11am even though we were in the Slug and Lettuce, Canary Wharf. It is a while since we wrote about the firm, who provide a pretty unique service that evaluates the performance of consulting services (and related) providers. That’s a fascinating challenge and let’s just say some consulting firms have not been totally positive about a third party assessing the value, outputs and benefits they provide to clients! We tend to think it is a jolly good idea... And matters appear to be going well for the firm anyway; we’ll have more on that shortly.


How would you design a “procurement cake”? The Guardian has been running a series on “science cakes” and my clever wife and daughter have both had their examples featured. The “naked scientists” are a science communications group who do radio, live and web-based stuff – my daughter works with them. So my wife made her “naked scientist” cake to celebrate that. It’s a lab bench with articles of science equipment and clothing strewn around – can you spot the bra made out of icing? (Everything is edible...) Ginny made a butterfly case cake for her partner, who is an engineer and lepidopterist. But what would a “procurement cake” look like?


Here is another band I hadn’t heard before but now am anticipating hugely for Reading Festival, just three weeks away now. No, what am I saying, two weeks away! San Fermin is led by Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who has a degree in composition from Yale and a beautiful, deep, dark voice (reminds everyone of the lead singer of the National). The music is great too but they are on early, so get there promptly - 11.50am, Festival Republic Stage, Saturday (Reading) and Sunday (Leeds).

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