Down the Procurement Pub with Monty Python, the NHS SBS, CIPS,Coupa and Lucius

I had lunch with my co-creator of the Real World Sourcing series, Guy Allen this week. We were very good, just had a half (honest guv), of the Monty Python’s Holy Grail beer from the Black Sheep Brewery at my newly re-named local, the Crabtree, this week. The pub has been re-positioned with more focus on real ale, which is good, and was also selling Hadley’s Blonde - a beer “designed” by Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet. This celebrity beer thing is all the rage. Metal legends of rock Iron Maiden have one too – “Trooper”. Bit weird really ... but as long as they taste good ...


The NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) organisation announced they’re putting together an NHS-wide framework for the procurement of healthcare clinical information systems. They've issued an OJEU notice "to gather supplier responses to the framework that has been created following close collaboration with the organisation’s provider clients to identify their future requirements. The framework agreement, which is due to be operational at the end of this year, has a potential framework value of £1.25 billion over a six-year period, and will be open for any NHS trust to access".

We need to find out just what "healthcare clinical information systems" covers.  Does that get into spend analytics for instance? And the dynamics of the central procurement bodies in health continues to be interesting if confusing, and it may be that SBS, who acquired what was the North West Procurement Hub a while back, is looking to become more active in terms of putting in place national procurement frameworks and the like. They’re also working on an interesting development with eProcurement firm Cloudbuy for devolved health and social care spend – we hope to have more on that shortly.


Are you a CIPS “Fellow of the Future”? Here’s Amanda Earnshaw from the Supply Management website: “ On 29 October, the CIPS Fellowship network will be kicking off our first Fellows of the Future event at City Hall in London, discussing the theme of leadership. This aims to encourage and support aspiring procurement and supply professionals to be the leaders (and Fellows) of the future. So whether you are a Fellow or a rising star, find out how to get your hands on a golden ticket by visiting my previous blog or via the CIPS website”.

Sounds like a good event, so if you’re a Fellow who knows someone with potential to reach that level or you have Fellow ambitions yourself, take a look at those links. And three cheers again for the team who have re-invigorated the Fellowship hugely over the last two years, particularly the amazing Shirley Cooper.


Coupa announced another pretty amazing quarter, with revenues up over 100% compared to the same quarter last year. Their client event was bigger than ever, with 1,000 delegates, and they had a 99% renewal rate with existing clients. New business was storing too. “Our newest customers include Juniper Networks, Royal Ahold (Netherlands based), YRC Freight, Flagstar Bancorp, Aggregate Industries UK, Remedi Seniorcare, Knight Capital Group, United Church Homes, and many others”. There seems to be no stopping the firm; when will they go for flotation or trade sale, we wonder? Although they seem to be doing fine as they are...


Only a week until Reading festival now and we’ll have another preview over the weekend. But here’s another band I’m really looking forward to – Lucius. Hard to categorise, haunting, slightly country-twinged two-girl harmonies over indie-type backing. Here they are on the BBC Later show.

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