Down the Procurement Pub with Munir Podumljak, Odesma, Sir Bernard, the Front Covers, Bravo Connect and Wolf Alice (phew)!

Munir in pragueThis is our new friend Munir Podumljak, an anti-corruption campaigner from Croatia who made the stand-out speech at last week's European Commission public procurement conference in Prague. We had a litre of Pilsner afterwards as you can see, and talked about government procurement policies on SMEs and local buying, corruption and EU regs. We will report on that in more detail next week but it was a highly enjoyable and stimulating couple of hours!


Congratulations to Bernard Gray, who has led the Ministry of Defence's huge Defence and Equipment & Support organisation for the past five years, and becomes Sir Bernard in the recent honours list. He has certainly helped to get military spending on a more organised basis, but failed to implement perhaps his biggest idea, that of a single private sector partner for DE&S to form a “GoCo.” The fall-back, several smaller contracts with private sector partners is unproven as yet, but I'm sure the honour will compensate for what he has probably found a frustrating few years.


Hubwoo is being acquired by Perfect Commerce, but they are also the latest partner for Odesma, the new procurement services firm started by Ed Cross and Steve Trainor, previously of Xchanging. “The agreement will combine Hubwoo's business process automation solutions with Odesma's procurement expertise, helping both companies' clients realise more savings” Odesma has a range of strong software partners now, including AnyData Solutions in the analytics market and Provalido, who provide a savings tracking SaaS solution. We'll get an update on their progress soon.


OK, I'm really not sure about this but in the interests of independence and bringing you all the news that is fit to print, we have a video from last week's BravoConnect conference. This is the Front Covers, led by CIPS Past President David Smith, with some top quality dad-dancing going on at times during the video from ... er... can't quite make out his face ... It was a really fun evening, and with getting on for 200 people there, not all on the dance floor, it was also a real sign of how BravoSolution has grown in recent years.


Now you've got over the shock of that, here is a new track from Wolf Alice, who we have featured here pretty regularly over the past couple of years. Their debut album is finally out next Monday and it is much anticipated by us and many others..


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