Down the Procurement Pub with OFS Portal, Welsh Award Winners, Wax Digital’s Smartwatch and Charli XCX

Here is a picture of William (Bill) Le Sage and Chris Welsh of OFS Portal, an organisation that works with suppliers to the oil and gas industry and provides an eProcurement platform (and advice) to help smooth the transactional supply chain in those industries. Le Sage is stepping down (or up?) to become Chairman Emeritus of the organisation, and Welsh, who has impressive experience in supply chain issues and these industries, is becoming CEO in his place. Good luck to both of them - Le Sage is one of the smartest and most engaging people I have met in our industry, so I do hope he is not disappearing completely from view!


Wax Digital launched their new smartwatch procurement solution at the recent eWorld Procurement and Supply, and there is more about it in an interview on the website. We liked the comment from Daniel Ball of the firm, explaining why making life easy for stakeholders should be a key aim for procurement. "Most maverick spend comes about as a result of frustration with the complexity / overhead / inefficiency of the compliance process, where people around the business find the process of raising a purchase order and its associated activities far too cumbersome and so work around it". So if they can carry out that type of activity on their Apple watch, will they become more compliant?  Read the whole interview here.


We have been featuring the Wales Procurement Week extensively, but we did not hang around in Cardiff last Friday for the Welsh Procurement Awards event. But it looks like it was a great evening, and the list of winners is available here – many congratulations to everyone who was nominated and indeed won. WNPA15 Winners Overview.

Public procurement in Wales has been leading the UK in certain areas for the last few years, some of the very best people I know in public procurement work there, and we will have some news shortly on how we plan to cover some of their developments in more depth here at Spend Matters.


A good week for new albums, with our monthly review to follow tomorrow. So let’s cover something that won’t be in that review. Regular readers will know that our admiration for Charli XCX knows no bounds, in recognition of her achievement in writing two all time genius pop songs before her 21st birthday. Here is her latest, which is another earworm as a song, but comes with a very subversive video. I’m not quite sure what it all means, but I think it is a critique of young people’s reliance on technology and it made me laugh anyway!


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