Down the Procurement Pub with Pete Loughlin, Supplier Networks, Foxes and 111

And the Procurement Pub of the week is the Fawley Bar at Henley Royal Regatta...


Some reading for the weekend – my colleagues in the  US have put together a series of papers around the topic: The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode, or Evolve?

You can download it here, free on registration. It’s a hot topic, and literally no-one understands the issues better than Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell from Spend Matters US. They held a webinar on the subject recently, which had some great material, so they and the two other contributors to that have all contributed to this new Perspectives paper.  I’ll certainly be reading it whilst I watch two ladies I’ve never heard of battle it out for the Wimbledon crown tomorrow,  and the right to be featured in the Daily Mail next week under the headline “Wimbledon Champion but doesn’t  she have fat thighs”?


We were going to write a piece for today on the UK health service (NHS) 111 telephone service, which is increasingly building up into a first-class fiasco, and increasingly appears to be a failure that has procurement right at the heart of what has gone wrong. The biggest provider of these services, NHS Direct, has now pulled out of two areas, saying they can’t make it work commercially. But I need  to do a bit more research and thinking before writing something vaguely intelligent about the topic, so we’ll hold that over till next week.


Pete Loughlin is always worth reading on his Purchasing Insight website, and his latest piece is no exception. He picks up on something we wrote earlier this week but takes it into a very interesting discussion about “corporate arrogance”.  It’s a topic I’ve been interested in for years, partly triggered by personal experience and that of friends – one who had a very large and successful firm treating her very poorly when she applied for a procurement job a few years back. They were strong market leaders then, and behaved like she wasn’t worthy of even being considered by them. They’re not market leaders now. Arrogance and  complacency are dangerous in isolation- combined, they can be fatal to businesses.


We pride ourselves on not only helping you to keep up with the latest in procurement thinking, but also in musical trends and exciting new artists. So I’d just like to point out that we first featured this song a couple of months ago – it finally got its UK release last week and went straight to number 1 with a bullet in the charts! So you can tell your friends / kids / family, “Icona Pop? Oh yeah, I’ve been listening to that for ages, of course I knew it was going to be a huge hit, Spend Matters told me...”

And in case you want  another tip for the top in terms of a future pop hit, just drop Foxes with Beauty Queen into the conversation this weekend. She’s a young singer and songwriter from Southampton who we think is going to be huge. And thanks for that tip to Miriam Pires, our favourite globe-trotting philosopher and marketing guru, currently working on a mango farm in North Australia...

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