Down the Procurement Pub with ProcureCon Marketing, Iasta / Selectica, suppliers, G-Cloud and Howlin’ Bells

ProcureCon Marketing in London this week was a big success.  More to come from us next week, but there were over 200 people there on the two main days, with around 130 present even for the first (optional) day, and a good range of sponsors, who seemed pretty happy with the contacts and leads they gained. Good food too, well done to the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel!

And praise is due to the ProcureCon team, who as well as putting together a strong agenda, worked hard to make it a good event for delegates and sponsors (getting the room layout changed quickly as soon as it became clear that first day numbers were greater than expected, for instance). And here is the amazing floating beer bottle from the ProProcure stand – I believe it is actually magnets (or magic).


Breaking news - late last night, UK time, we heard that Iasta, the sourcing and spend management software firm, have been acquired by Selectica, a firm about whom I personally know a disgracefully small amount, other than .  But they are a contract management software firm .  "Selectica entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Iasta for an aggregate purchase price of 1 million shares of Selectica common stock and $7 million cash. In addition, in connection with the acquisition Selectica would provide grants of options to purchase 700,000 shares of its common stock to the employees of Iasta".

It looks like more of a merger than an acquisition - the firms are approximately the same size - and we'll have more on the deal and what it means next week.You can read our US colleagues' initial comments here for now. And good luck to the team at Iasta - a really good bunch of people, I can honestly say.


And a message to software companies. Look, we’re really pleased you have won a place on the UK government’s latest  G-Cloud supplier framework but I’m really not sure it justifies a press release, Stock Exchange announcement, your CEO stripping naked and running down Piccadilly... You are one of 1,132 firms on the list (yes, really), and over 80% of suppliers on previous versions never won a single pound’s worth of business from it.  Of course you were right to apply, well done for passing the pretty basic “pre-qual” type process, but put the champagne away for now until you see some real orders!


Track of the week comes from Howlin’ Bells. I think I bought their first album in 2006 but they have somewhat faded from view over recent years. But the new album is getting well reviewed and this track is atmospheric, slightly dark, classic Phil Spector influenced pop from the Australian combo – very enjoyable indeed.

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  1. Secret Squirrel:

    This always comes to mind when I think of G-Cloud.

  2. Nick @ Market Dojo:

    Haha, love the comment about the G-Cloud announcements! I’ve certainly been amused with the recent press annoucements of companies being ‘successfully awarded…..”….err, you got accepted to an open framework!

    [PS: We’ve also been especially hand-picked, after a highly competitive online tendering process, for the G-Cloud 5 framework!]

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