Down the Procurement Pub with Procurious, Odesma, Occumen and Florence

PRocurious evening sigiHere is a picture from the dinner at the end of the Procurious Big Issues event yesterday (thanks to Sigi Osagie for the loan of his smartphone / camera, it was so dark mine failed completely). You still can't see much, but it was a very good evening, following a successful day, and we will have much more on that next week.


We reported in January on the launch of Odesma, a new outsourcing / professional services firm founded by ex Xchanging senior executives Ed Cross and Steve Trainor, and now a new Director, Nick Ford, has joined the team. I’ve known Ford for many years, and like Cross and Trainor, he is another experienced and respected procurement professional (Capgemini, Accenture, PwC, NatWest, amongst others), who latterly was a senior executive himself in Xchanging’s procurement outsourcing business. We hope to catch up with what the guys are up to shortly, but that’s a pretty impressive team they have put together.


Well done to Occumen, a procurement consulting firm based in Windsor, who received a Highly Commended award last week at the Management Consultancies Awards for their work with client Fitness First. They were up against the big firms in the Commercial Excellence category (won by KPMG for work with JaguarLandrover) so it is quite a coup for a much smaller outfit to get that recognition.


My colleague Pierre Mitchell from Spend Matters US is doing some research (linked with the Institute of Supply Management in the States) regarding Procurement-Finance misalignment from the Procurement point of view - what Finance needs to do better for instance (a very good question!) We would be delighted if you can complete his interesting survey – it will only take you five minutes, we will be forever in your gratitude and in return, Pierre will forward a copy of the research to you when it's complete. Thanks!


Here is the latest track from the much anticipated Florence and the Machine album, released soon. Very Rumours-period Fleetwood Mac, dontcha think? And also rather excellent in fact, gets inside your head after not many listens.

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