Down the Procurement Pub with Seal Software, the Pig, Sigi Osagie and Lady Lamb

Seal Software has featured as a sponsor here (their logo is over there to the right) for some time, but the firm has been fairly quiet in the UK during the last year as they have put more focus on their expanding US operations. But over the last few months they have recruited a number of key senior staff in the UK and are very much back on the UK radar. They hosted a very pleasant evening reception at Tower Bridge this week, and we’ll have more to report on the firm soon. But read this if you want a refresher – their “contract discovery” software is a real eye-opener and very effective.


PigsMy business partner, Jason Busch was over briefly this week and we had a strategic global meeting about the future of Spend Matters at a lovely “restaurant with rooms” - The Pig - down in the New Forest, near Brockenhurst. Sourcing is a key part of their proposition, with virtually all their raw materials acquired from within 30 miles, including much of the fruit and vegetables (and eggs fro the chickens  and quails) coming from their own smallholding. They also keep pigs although I don’t think these were the suppliers of the excellent pork chop! But it is interesting how many top restaurants are now making a big thing about their supply chains as part of their positioning and competitive advantage. The Pig was packed, and fully booked, as it seems to be pretty much permanently, so it is working for them anyway.


Hope you read Sigi Osagie’s excellent article this week about effective leadership – it’s excellent. “To be an effective leader you must be clear on what you stand for; otherwise why should people follow you”? Which brought me back to Greece and Prime Minister Tsipras, who is surely finished now as a credible leader. What did he stand for – the fight against austerity. What has he done? Signed up to an austerity package far worse than the one he said was unacceptable months ago. Worse than the one the people rejected in the referendum just 2 weeks ago. I feel sorry for him in that he was in an impossible position in many ways, but he must be finished as a leader.


She was Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper on her first album but now she is just Lady Lamb, and her new album “After” is out now, and sounds really good – yet another interesting female artist to add to this year’s list of top albums (Du Blonde, Courtney Barnett, Florence, Marling ...) Nice quirky video as well.


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