Down the Procurement Pub with Surrey, NAO, Coe and Nao! (It’s a Poem…)

I had a beer with several lovely people this week and foolishly failed to take any pics. So here is another in our series of “I must get a better camera” pics – three health procurement ladies from last week’s excellent HCSA dinner, including the Chair of HCSA, Helen Lisle, FCIPS.


Surrey and East Sussex County Councils, who now share many back-office activities, are implementing eInvoicing with Taulia, the relatively young but fast-growing eInvoicing and supply chain finance solutions providers. It is a big win for the firm, their first that we’re aware of in the UK public sector, and we imagine a number of other firms will be very disappointed that they did not come through the process. We hope to have more on this in the New Year – the UK nerve-centre of Spend Matters is in Surrey so we have a vested taxpayer type interest in this too!


Good to see that Sebastian Coe, President of the IAAF, said he would sever his ties with Nike which we wrote about here. We’re pleased he took our advice and recognised that there was a conflict of interest – he may not have perceived it, but others did, and that is what matters! now all he has to do is sort out the doping scandal that threatens the entire basis of his sport.


The UK’s National Audit Office issued one of their “let’s take a good look at this total shambles” reports this week as they examined the E-borders and successor programmes, run with all the management competence we have come to expect from major IT programmes in government. £830 million has been spent and something has been delivered, but a long way short of what was planned. The cost included £185 million related to a dispute with Raytheon, a key supplier initially to the programme. We should probably take a closer look at that actually .... but worryingly, the programme is still proceeding, and “continued weaknesses in areas such as being clear on how best to deliver the vision, oversight of the programme’s progress at a senior level in the Department and using data are not yet fully mitigated”.


Talking of the NAO, as well as issuing reports on government projects, they have been nominated for the BBC Music Sound of 2016 award! (That will be won by Jack Garratt, of course). No, hang on a minute, that must be another NAO.... or is it Nao? Anyway, here she is; that’s going to be complicated when Googling. I’m not totally sure about the voice, but she is a talented young songwriter, performer and producer.


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  1. Alphabet Bands:

    Hi Peter,

    NAO also features on the equally excellent Blog Sound of 2016 Poll (which won’t be won by Jack Garratt, excellent though he is…)

    Blog Sound longlist is here for your delectation:

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