Down the Procurement Pub with the Dutch Sourcing Awards, ProcureCon Marketing, GEP and the Killing Moon

So Jason Busch was in town briefly this week (pictured outside the Kings Arms, near Waterloo, excellent real ale pub) before he and I spent yesterday (Thursday) at the Dutch Sourcing Awards at the Het Groene Paviljoen in Zandheuvelweg.  I’m sure you all know it well.  We’ll have a full report on the event next week but congratulations to all the winners.

Overall winner:                                 Boskalis

Sustainability:                                   Boskalis (marine industry)

Operational Excellence:                Delta Lloyd (insurance)

Step Change:                                      Enexis (utilities, energy infrastructure)

Procurement Executive:               Coert Michielsen (Refresco)

Public Procurement Executive:  Marcel Stuijts (Local Government)

Our colleague, Gert van der Heijden, who runs Spend Matters Netherlands, organises the event and very successful it was too – well done to him and the judging panel also.


Don’t forget our webinar today at 4pm UK time, 5pm Western Europe etc.  Procurement solutions providers GEP and I will be talking about “Sustaining Value: 4 Ways to Build Capability in Your Procurement Team.”  I’ll be getting into the topic of skills transfer in particularly. I’ve often seen a requirement to deliver skills transfer in tenders for consulting and other professional services, but how often do firms actually make it happen?  When did you actually get some ‘lasting learning’ from a supplier?  You can still register here for the 45 minute session.


Following the successful ProcureCon Indirect event last week, I hear that the ProcureCon Marketing event (London, June 3-5 ) is almost sold out, with close to 200 bookings – impressive and great news for the organisers and sponsors!  It’s interesting that such a strong community seems to be building in that particular category area of procurement, and another sign of procurement successfully moving into these complex service category areas.


Just heard this week that Glenn Fletcher, who has worked for Achilles for many years as their lead expert and trainer on EU procurement matters, is working with the UK Cabinet Office, training public sector staff on the new EU Directives that we’ve been covering. Glenn is excellent, knows more about EU Regs than anyone, but also puts across material in an accessible and really pretty interesting manner – not an easy trick when you’re explaining the difference between award and selection stage, or the precise definition of the standstill period!  A good move from Cabinet Office to get him on board anyway.


And a treat today for music lovers of a certain vintage. A song that would be high on my personal list of the greatest rock songs of all time – The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. Here’s a recent and acoustic version from Ian McCulloch, the songwriter and lead singer of the band.

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