Down the Procurement Pub with the Tech Summit, David Shields and the Last Shadow Puppets

Here is another picture from the ISM / Spend Matters Procurement Tech Summit this week, showing around 50% of the Spend Matters contingent enjoying some pretty delicious pasta in Baltimore! This also explains why “Down The Procurement Pub” is a bit lightweight this week. But we will have lots more from the event next week.


With all the news around Crown Commercial Service staff changes, it was quite a coincidence to see this announcement earlier this week. It relates to David Shields, who was Sally Collier's predecessor as CEO when the organisation was called OGC Buying Solutions and then - gosh, I've forgotten what it was before CCS! Anyway, he was in charge.

So Shields is now joining a US consulting firm - "ASI Government (ASI) has announced that David Shields, a global leader in category management, has joined the company as Managing Director of the firm's new Procurement Transformation and Category Management practice". That is an interesting move to say the least. We haven't established whether he is re-locating from the North-West of England to the US, although we assume so. Good luck to David and we might try and get an interview with him to fill us in on the details.


The US is an odd place. So amazing in some ways and yet some public services in particular make the UK look positively world-class. The state of some of their railway stations for instance is decidedly grubby, and then last week, the entire Washington Metro (under/over ground rail network, bit like the Tube) closed down for a day for safety checks - at 24 hours’ notice. You cannot imagine that happening in London, if it did, the Mayor and Head of London Transport would be forced to resign immediately! But the Washingtonians seemed to pretty much take it in their stride, which I guess is a credit to them and American independence and resourcefulness. But it cost me an $80 cab ride back to the airport rather than the $10 public transport fare I had expected!


The Last Shadow Puppets is one of the few examples of a star’s musical side-project being both very different from their main project and really good. Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane have got their second album coming out soon, and this is the title track. Weird, sexy, and very interesting.

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