Down the Procurement Pub with Tradeshift, Lisbon, ProcureCon Marketing and Sharon van Etten

I was in Lisbon for the 2nd European Conference on e-Public Procurement this week. I gave a very short speech, very late in the day when most people had gone home! But it was still a worthwhile day on a number of counts, and we'll have a longer report on the event next week.

It was my first time in Lisbon, which is a most interesting city, eccentric but full of charm and grandeur, and a great place to just wander around. However, the weather was unseasonably cool and wet on Tuesday evening when I ventured out for dinner - here's a shot of my huge slab of delicious Iberian Pork and thin fried potatoes (I know, healthy eating at its best, I'm making up for business partner Jason Busch and his Vegan-ism)  consumed in a little local restaurant with a glass of excellent Portuguese red (their wine is really on an upward trajectory – great value for money if you’re buying in the UK).


Tradeshift announced this week a major contract with the UK's National Health Service Shared Business Service (SBS) to provide e-Invoicing services. SBS is jointly owned by Steria and the NHS itself, and carries out a range of back office services for the health service, including processing millions of invoices a year. Here’s Government Computing:

“NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has partnered with the Tradeshift e-invoicing platform to replace the need for paper-based invoices and speed up the payment process for healthcare organisations and their suppliers. As part of a strategy to create a paperless NHS by 2018, NHS SBS has said it will work to encourage over 100,000 suppliers presently working with hospitals, surgeries and GPs to use Tradeshift to submit and track their invoices online - potentially cutting the need for millions of pieces of individual paperwork annually”.

We're aware that this initiative has been some time in the implementation phase – but the parties have now gone public with it. It's significant for the UK public sector, and very significant for Tradeshift – and we'll have more on it next week.


Next week it is the ProcureCon Marketing event in London, at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel. Last year's was their first marketing-specific event and was a good one – and by all accounts, this year has been a great success in terms of bookings and sponsors. So I'm looking forward to it and of course learning about the latest thinking in what must be one of the most challenging but fascinating spend categories of all. Our friends from ProProcure are one of the sponsors and share a speaking slot with SABMiller, the huge drinks company. Free samples perhaps? Please?  Anyway, it runs from Tuesday through to Thursday, so maybe see some readers there.


This week's music comes from Sharon van Etten, the American singer songwriter. A little like EMA, who we featured a few weeks back, she is hard to classify, other than in the ‘good, interesting, female, hard to classify’ bracket!  Her last album, Tramp, was one of my favourites of 2012, and her new one Are We There looks like it will be high in my 2014 rankings too. Here is one of the stand out tracks.

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  1. Frank Treanor:

    Hi Peter
    I am pleased to say your wish is granted – free samples of Peroni will be available on the ProProcure stand at Procurecon (while stocks last, Hic…)

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