Down the Procurement Pub with Tungsten, Tejari, the Aqua Shard and Shintaro Sakamoto

Lunch (end of last week to be honest rather than this) with Guy Allen, my co-leader on the BravoSolution Real world Sourcing series, and Sarah Clarke of Bravo. She is holding up a piece of paper on which we are plotting next year’s series (yes, already) to prove that we were working, honest guv, not just enjoying a glass of wine... this was in the Aqua Shard restaurant on the 31st floor of the Shard, the tallest building in London.

View from shard 3The food is good rather than stunning, not stupidly expensive but not cheap, but when you throw in the truly stunning views, you get a decent VFM equation! And worth going for a drink (there is a bar) if you don’t want to spend too much .


Tungsten got a good bit of coverage in the Times this week. I couldn’t work out whether it was really something new or just re-iterating what they have already implemented, but it talked about Tungsten e-invoicing customers now being able to offer supply chain finance to their customers. Here is an excerpt – the whole article is here.

Tens of thousands of suppliers to organisations including Tesco, Vodafone and the BBC are to be offered the chance of almost immediate settlement of their unpaid invoices… Edmund Truell, (Tungsten’s) chief executive, said that early settlement of an invoice of £1,000 to 30 of Tungsten’s biggest customers would cost a small company around £15. There are no other fees. “We’re effectively buying 100 per cent of your invoice. It’s not an advance. In the unlikely event that [a customer goes bust], that’s our problem. And it’s not a debt,” he said.


malaysia_airlines_empty_sOnly ten days before I go out to the UAE for workshops with Tejari in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I’m flying Emirates, I’m pleased to say, have found them very good so far on previous trips. You might have seen this photo taken by a guy who was flying Malaysian Airlines. Can they survive after their two disasters this year (the lost flight then the Ukraine tragedy)?

Meanwhile, some flight problems of a less serious kind for my colleague Jason Busch, as he laid into Air Canada’s “economy” service here, provoking a lively exchange in his “comments” section!

He then followed up with some “lovely” pictures here of the state of the plane...


A music review to come from us over the weekend, but for now, something deeply, deeply weird. Shintaro Sakamoto is a musical cult hero in Japan, and this track is a taster for his new album, out soon. If you’ve ever wanted to hear melodic steel guitar-heavy lounge music sung in Japanese as a duet between man and ventriloquists dummy, this is your day.

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