Down the Procurement Pub with Uber, Tejari, G-Cloud and Miley Cyrus (??)

In a huge omission, I failed to take any photos of beer at Reading Festival last weekend. Then this week has been spent largely at home, writing and on the phone, so here is a historical shot of some beer, from goodness knows when. Back to more current pictorial pleasures next week ...

Tell your UAE colleagues .. I’m in Dubai and Abu Dhabi next week for two Tejari Real World Sourcing workshops. There is still time to book for these free sessions, which include my presentations, interactive exercises, networking and very good food! Dubai on Tuesday is “Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader” and Abu Dhabi on Wednesday is “Taking On a New Category”. More details and booking information here!


The battle over employment status for Uber drivers continues. A judge has allowed Uber drivers in California to take legal action to determine whether they are contractors or employees. The ruling by US District Judge Edward Chen means that Uber drivers in California can sue as a group over whether they should have received tips. Lonnie Giamela, a labour lawyer in Los Angeles who has been following the case, said the ruling "sets the stage for a trial and a legal battle that will have dramatic implications for Uber's business model as well as more generally how independent contractors are viewed under California law".


Users of the UK government’s digital market place (“G-Cloud”) are in the main failing to fill in the forms that are supposed to report the savings they make from using the process. Computer Weekly submitted a Freedom of Information request and then reported that “The government’s reliance on self-reports when calculating the money G-Cloud users save has been called into question, as data suggests few buyers are bothering to share their data. The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) introduced the Customer Benefits Record (CBR) system in October 2014 so G-Cloud users could notify the government every time they enter into a call-off agreement by filling in and submitting an online form”.

But only 135 out of 600 organisations that have used the G-Cloud have sent in any details. That does bring into question whether the quoted “savings” of 20% are realistic. Jessica Figueras, research director at IT analyst house Kable, said the misgivings about the data are understandable, as there is a risk users might only report favourable deals through CBR. “It seems likely that buyers would tend to over-report good deals and under-report uncompetitive deals”.


Which of the many great bands we saw at Reading last week to feature today? Well, none of them actually! We are going to run a feature over the weekend on the best bands from the Festival, so look out for that.

But today, let’s go down a totally different track and recommend... Miley Cyrus! I never thought this day would come, but her unexpected, freely streamed, 90 minute work “Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz” is weird and (in places at least) rather wonderful, to our surprise. Lots of bad language, we should warn you... It is heavily influenced by her musical mentor Wayne Coyne of the psychedelic band Flaming Lips (including the track below), and it is not at all what you might expect from Miley. Recorded for just $50,000, outside her core record deal, it suggests she is going to be a much more interesting artist than we might have ever expected.

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